Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 21
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 21
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 21: Thank You for Your Generosity (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_


He Jichen suddenly had the impulse to strangle her. His pupils enlargened and his fingers started to tremble.

He looked at her delicate face with a fierce expression as though he’d just reached the very peak of his anger. Then he suddenly chuckled, “Thank me? What’s there for you to thank me for?”

“If I remember correctly, I slept with you four years ago and gave you money, yet you didn’t even take a cent!”

“So I should be thanking you instead!”

As he said this, He Jichen sneered and stared into her eyes. With a ruthlessness even he couldn’t explain, his words were overbearingly harsh and degrading, “Thank you for your generosity! Thank you for letting me take your virginity for free!”

Ji Yi felt the stab of a razor-sharp knife as her face was instantly drained of blood.

Her hands instinctively balled into fists.

She clutched her palms tightly, then used the piercing pain to force herself to calm down and not completely lose it.

She directed a silent and callous gaze at He Jichen.

She didn’t actually want to look at him but she didn’t dare to flinch, fearing that the tears hiding beneath her eyes would pour out.

As the atmosphere in the corridor froze, the two of them didn’t say a word.

After some time had passed, the phone in Ji Yi’s pocket suddenly rang. In the silence, her ringtone sounded particularly piercing. He Jichen suddenly let go of his hold on her as though he’d jumped in shock. Then he took a step back, threw her aside, and turned around to leave.

Ji Yi gritted her teeth as she heard He Jichen’s footsteps disappear without a trace. Without a care for how she looked, Ji Yi slowly slumped down against the wall.

The phone wouldn’t stop ringing but Ji Yi waited until she’d calmed down slightly before she reached her trembling hand into her pocket to answer the call.

It was Bo He calling.

Maybe it’s because I left for the restroom so long ago that they must think something happened to me…

Ji Yi was afraid that she’d sound like she was about to cry if she spoke, so she didn’t take Bo He’s call. Instead, she tapped on her phone and sent Bo He a message, “I’m coming.”

After dinner, everyone went to the hot springs together.

As the others chatted away, Ji Yi remained silent as she spread out in the hot spring.

In her heart, she felt stifled over the issue of He Jichen. After sitting in the hot spring for a long time, that stifling feeling only grew heavier and it made it difficult for her to breathe, so she got out. She found a bench to lay on close to Bo He and the others in the hot spring.

Even though they were quite a distance apart, Ji Yi could still hear Bo He and the girls chatting.

It was easy to get dehydrated after sitting in the hot springs for a long time. Tang Huahua was just about to call an attendant to bring them some water when Lin Ya coincidentally glanced over at Ji Yi and suddenly said, “I’ll go buy some.”

Lin Ya quickly came back with five bottles of water, She first handed one each to Bo He, Tang Huahua, and Li Da in the hot springs. Then, she ran over to Ji Yi’s side, carrying the two remaining bottles.

When she handed the water to Ji Yi, she leaned in to whisper into Ji Yi’s ear, “Xiao Yi, can you do me a favor?”

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