Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 213
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 213
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 213: The Only Person Who Never Forgot About Her (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She hesitated for a moment before her eyes slowly shifted and stopped on his sleeping face.

She never imagined that a low grunt and a few nonchalant words telling him that she sprained her ankle over the phone actually meant a lot to him.

In his presence, she felt precious and treasured, like she was an important person he couldn’t live without.

The expression on Ji Yi’s face didn’t change, but her fingers on the phone slightly tightened their grip. She felt her heart surge again inside.

After some time, Ji Yi withdrew her gaze from “He Yuguang,” and thought back to the new year’s gift he gave her. She put down her phone and very gently started to remove the packaging.

It was an exquisite diamond bracelet.

The sunlight from the tall windows on the first floor happened to hit the bracelet, revealing an eye-piercing shine. The light shone into Ji Yi’s eyes, but it seemed more like it shone right into her heart.

The afternoon sunshine in Lijiang was unusually bright. Ji Yi watched as the sunshine pierced through the wide floor-to-ceiling windows and illuminated the room even more. She was afraid that all that light would affect “He Yuguang”‘s sleep, so she got up and quietly walked over to the windows and pulled the curtains closed.

The filtered sunlight felt better. Ji Yi nestled back onto the sofa and vaguely heard the long, serene sounds of “He Yuguang”‘s breaths.

One breath after another swept into her heart making her body feel tickled and tingly, carrying an indescribable pounding and trembling feeling into her chest.

Just as she was about to grab her phone and continue reading the story of “Three Thousand Lunatics,” Ji Yi’s heart felt flustered again. She stared at the dense black words on the screen for a long time but none of the words got through to her. In the end, she put her phone down and stared at the traditional painting of a woman on the wall in a complete daze.

Ji Yi, who hadn’t had an afternoon break, gradually became sleepy. She nestled into a comfortable position on the sofa and shut her eyes.

When she woke up again, the curtains were already open and the blazing sunlight from the window was bright red from the setting sun. There was also a blanket pulled over her.

Ji Yi was stunned for a moment before she hugged the blanket and slowly sat up straight. “He Yuguang” was no longer on the bed, and there were low, endless tapping sounds of a keyboard in the room. When she heard this, she turned her head and saw “He Yuguang” sitting in front of the computer, typing away on the keyboard at a ridiculous speed. He looked like he was busy with work.

Ji Yi didn’t disturb “He Yuguang”, but searched for her phone and randomly browsed some websites for a while. Then she opened the script for “Three Thousand Lunatics” and picked up where she left off in the afternoon.

After handling his emails, He Jichen reached his hand out for his cup of water and glanced over at Ji Yi laying on the sofa out of habit.

She was sleeping sweetly earlier, but now she was awake, holding her phone, captivated by whatever was on the screen since who knew when.

He noticed there was a brand new diamond bracelet on her fair wrist.

It was the new year’s gift he prepared for her long ago. After she woke up, she put on the bracelet, so his suspicions were right. She would definitely like something He Yuguang gave her…

He Jichen tried to hide the sadness in his eyes.

After dinner, He Jichen continued to sit in front of the laptop and work.

Since it was winter break, hotels in Lijiang were full. Since He Jichen arrived on such short notice, he couldn’t book a room.

Ji Yi couldn’t let “He Yuguang” sleep on the streets, but after she was hit by that wave of sleepiness, she stared at the large bed, regretting that she hadn’t booked a twin room.

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