Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 214
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 214
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 214: The Only Person Who Never Forgot About Her (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

While He Jichen was busy with work, he glanced over at Ji Yi every now and then. When he felt her gaze shift repeatedly over to himself and the bed, He Jichen’s brows furrowed. He paused for a moment then he realized what was on her mind.

He Jichen glanced at his laptop to see that it was already ten. It was indeed time to get some rest. He grabbed his phone from the desk, typed a message, and sent it to Ji Yi.

Ji Yi noticed her phone vibrate, so she looked down at the screen to see the three words “Yuguang Ge.” She instinctively looked over to the man in front of the computer before she read the message: “Manman, if you’re sleepy, just go to sleep. Tonight I have a lot of work, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

So it turned out he saw through what was on her mind.

But does he really have work to do, or is it just an excuse he used to make me feel more at ease?

Ji Yi stared at the phone screen and after some thought, rather than speaking to “He Yuguang” directly, she replied with a short “Oh” in return.

After Ji Yi freshened up, she climbed into bed.

The main light switch was next to He Jichen. Seeing that she laid down, he casually pressed it, instantly engulfing the entire room in darkness aside from the light emitting from his laptop.

In that very moment, Ji Yi, who was so sleepy she was yawning earlier, shut her eyes but couldn’t sleep at all.

After Ji Yi tossed and turned countless times in bed, she couldn’t help but eventually reach for her phone by the pillow.

After opening her conversation with He Yuguang in WeChat, Ji Yi pursed the corners of her lips and eventually typed, “Yuguang Ge, I’ll leave you half the bed. When you finish working, remember to get some rest.”

Ji Yi stopped for a moment then added a few words: “Don’t take this the wrong way… I mean, I just think it’s not healthy to stay up late.”

After Ji Yi finished writing the message, she shoved her thumb into her mouth and nibbled on her nail. As she bit down, she pressed the send button.

She knew “He Yuguang” would definitely see her message, so she put her phone face-down and shut her eyes.

After about twenty seconds, she vaguely heard the sound of him unlocking his phone, then shortly after, her own phone lit up. She knew that she received a message. She paused for a moment then quietly picked up her phone and glanced at the screen.

“He Yuguang”‘s reply was simple; there was just one word: “Goodnight.”

Ji Yi didn’t reply to “He Yuguang” since she said everything she wanted to, and her heart felt more at peace. She put down the phone, shut her eyes, and not long after, she fell asleep.

The next morning, when Ji Yi woke up, the other half of the bed was empty.

The bed sheets were also neat like no one had slept in them.

Yuguang Ge couldn’t have really been busy working all night long, right?

As that thought entered Ji Yi’s mind, she bolted upright in bed and saw “He Yuguang” laying on the sofa. He had the same blanket from her afternoon nap the day before.

The sofa was a little small, and since he was tall, a big chunk of his legs was suspended in the air.

Just by looking at his posture made her feel like she was in pain. So he…

I purposely gave him permission to share the bed with me after he finished his work, yet he didn’t.

Was it out of respect for me, or was he afraid to disturb me if we slept side by side?

Ji Yi’s fingers suddenly tightened on the covers.

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