Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 215
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 215
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 215: The Only Person Who Never Forgot About Her (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After some time, Ji Yi’s eyelids gently flickered as she relaxed her fingers and looked away from “He Yuguang.”

The first thing Ji Yi looked at when she removed the covers was her sprained ankle. It was still a little swollen, but she tried to stand up. She immediately felt a tinge of pain, so she hastily sat back down. After a while, she tried again and after confirming that she could endure the pain, she headed for the bathroom.

He Jichen was uncomfortable on the sofa, so he woke up not long after Ji Yi did.

After he freshened up, the first thing he did was check if Ji Yi’s ankle improved.

Ji Yi secretly endured the pain in her ankle – in front of “He Yuguang,” she took two nimble steps and said, “Yuguang Ge, I’m fine now.”

Ji Yi was afraid that “He Yuguang” wouldn’t believe her, so after she finished speaking, she even performed a perfect ballet pose.

Ji Yi’s gaze lingered on “He Yuguang”‘s brows. When she came out of her pose, she saw the knot between his brows loosen, so she knew that he believed her. She then gracefully walked over to the phone and ordered breakfast as she let out a sigh of relief with her back turned to “He Yuguang.”

Since “He Yuguang” hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest two nights in a row, his handsome eyes were filled with exhaustion.

After Ji Yi put the phone down, she glanced over at the sofa where he was rubbing his brows non-stop. Then she lowered her gaze and silently pursed her lips. The moment she opened her eyes, she pictured the sleeping man on the sofa. A thought came to mind and she said, “Yuguang Ge, my foot is better now. It’s fine. I can go out and continue strolling around the old town. Since you’re pretty busy with work, please don’t worry about me.”

Ji Yi was afraid that “He Yuguang” would find an excuse to stay, so she added, “I have plans to go Erhai Lake tomorrow, so Yuguang Ge, you should go about your own business.”

He Jichen really did have a load of work to deal with back in Beijing, so seeing as she said this, he didn’t bother arguing with her. As he shot her a gentle nod, he grabbed his phone to check flight times and he booked a ticket for that afternoon.

After the flight was successfully booked, He Jichen passed a message on his phone to Ji Yi: “I booked a flight for twelve in the afternoon.”

After Ji Yi saw that line, He Jichen continued to type: “Since you’re in Lijiang all alone, you have take care of yourself. If anything happen, you can contact me anytime.”

Ji Yi smiled as she responded with, “Thank you Yuguang Ge.”

He Jichen curved his lips, but he didn’t say anything.

Breakfast was quickly delivered. The two of them ate in silence. He Jichen glanced at the time and realized it was already half past nine. It was just about time to leave for the airport, so he got up and started to pack his things.

Ji Yi accompanied He Jichen all the way to the hotel entrance. The taxi, which the front desk requested for him, had already arrived, so the doorman opened the car door for He Jichen. He wasn’t in a hurry to get into the car, so he continued to type a few reminders for Ji Yi then told her “Goodbye” before he bent down and got into the car.

Ji Yi stood to the side as she stared at the car after it left. She quickly bent over to check her ankle which she had convincingly pretended didn’t hurt as she accompanied He Yuguang downstairs. When she confirmed it was fine, she turned around and limped back into the hotel.

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