Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 219
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 219
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 219: The Only Person Who Never Forgot About Her (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The nurse said that she’d seen many people coming and going in the hospital, so she knew how to read people.

She could tell that every time the man visited, he was in a bad mood, as he often watched her with infinitely sad eyes.

When he stood in the corridor without coming in, his hands always balled up tightly into fists which were so tight that the backs of his hands had veins protruding on them. There were even times when she saw him raise his foot towards the door but pulled it back in fear of coming close like he was afraid it would be unbearable for her.

The nurse also said that the man must really care about her because one time, she even secretly saw the man reach his hand through the window to touch her face. He was very gentle and infinitely caring; just before he left, he gently pecked her on the cheek.

The nurse didn’t talk about the history of the little piece of jade until the very end. The nurse said that soon after her afternoon nap, the man visited again with the same silent demeanor, but his mood seemed better than before.

The nurse said it was the first time she had seen the man smile in the past three years. When she smiled to greet him, he even looked her in the eye. Although he didn’t say a word, she didn’t feel like the man was very distant and he seemed more down-to-earth than usual.

From what Ji Yi gathered from the nurse, she assumed his mood was so good because she had woken up.

From what the nurse said, the man stayed in the hospital room for a long time that day. He stared at her quietly with an unspoken tenderness in his eyes while playing around with a piece of jade all that time. At four in the afternoon, his phone rang and since he was afraid to wake her, he went outside to take the call. When he returned, he stood by the bed and looked down at her without blinking for a long time as she slept. Then when he lowered his head and drew closer to her lips, the nurse suddenly came bustling in to check if she was up.

The man was probably surprised as his hand shook, causing the jade to crash to the ground. A crisp sound was heard.

Then he bent down to pick up a large piece of jade with a red string wrapped around it. Without saying a word, he darted past the nurse and headed out the door.

As the nurse explained this, she said it a little apologetically while emphasizing that he had already left because it was so late. Only then did the nurse get to the point. Seeing as Ji Yi was still sleeping, she picked up some fruit, about to wash and prepare it for when Ji Yi woke up, but on the way to the bathroom, she accidentally stepped on something hard. She withdrew her foot, looked down, and saw a small piece of jade.

The nurse mentioned that Ji Yi happened to wake up just as she picked up the piece of jade.

The sunset was beautiful that day. As the nurse was busy cutting the fruit, she elaborated on the story with a gentle voice. Ji Yi leaned back against the headboard, holding the little piece of jade. Having woken up after a three-year coma, her peaceful heart jumped to life.

Ji Yi asked the nurse for the man’s name and what he looked like.

The nurse said the man had a charismatic air about him and he looked like he came from a rich family. She didn’t dare converse with him too much, so she didn’t know his name. As for the way he looked, aside from being “good-looking,” the nurse described him as being better-looking than celebrities on TV. She couldn’t find the proper words to describe him.

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