Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 224
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 224
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 224: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Yeah, I never imagined that her jealousy could actually be so intense. After she found out that Ji Yi got a role in “The Palace,” she actually locked Ji Yi in some abandoned school building just to stop her from making it to the set.”

“If Xiaoyang didn’t see it with her own eyes, I wouldn’t believe her. This is clearly the type of drama that only happens in TV shows! I never imagined it’d really happen in real life! What’s more, according to what Xiaoyang said, He Jichen from the directing course forced Lin Ya to tell him where Ji Yi was and almost threw Lin Ya out the window. While this happened, the door of their dorm was wide open, so loads of people saw the look on Lin Ya’s face. In her heart, she must’ve hated Ji Yi to death!”

“What’s more, Ji Yi already decided to take on the supporting female role in “Three Thousand Lunatics,” so it was normal for her to have dinner with those people. Lin Ya hated Ji Yi so much that there was no way what she said on Moments was credible. Who’s to say that Lin Ya didn’t purposely try to make Ji Yi look bad?”


Several of them continued chatting away, all huddled together.

After Ji Yi listened up to this point, she turned her head and locked eyes with Tang Huahua. The two of them had the same flash of confusion in their eyes.

It was no wonder that when she returned to school, nobody judged her for Lin Ya’s photos that caused such an uproar on new year’s eve. So as it turned out, the situation already took a different turn without her even knowing it… It was obvious that someone secretly helped her clean up this mess.

As this thought flashed across Ji Yi’s mind, Tang Huahua said, “Xiao Yi, it’s obvious that someone is helping you. What’s more, that person must’ve had something to do with Lin Ya’s expulsion!”

Bo He immediately tagged along with Tang Huahua and added, “It’s not just a theory! Someone’s helping Xiao Yi for sure! By expelling Lin Ya, they probably wanted to kick her out of Xiao Yi’s life completely. This person obviously made matters so resolute to cut the weeds, eliminate the roots and prevent any problems that might come up in the future.”

The circumstances were obvious. Even if Tang Huahua and Bo He didn’t say it, Ji Yi guessed this too.

But this person… who is it?

It definitely isn’t Yuguang Ge, because I didn’t even tell him about what happened with Lin Ya…

“Say… who do you think this person could be?” Bo He pondered out loud and the three of them were silent for a moment.

Tang Huahua let slip, “I got it!”

Tang Huahua picked up her phone and started typing while completely ignoring Bo He’s incessant questioning.

A moment later, Tang Huahua’s phone rang, “Ding! Ding!” She raised her phone in front of Ji Yi. “I was right! It really was him!”

“Who is it? Who is it?” Bo He came over to Ji Yi’s side and read what was on Tang Huahua’s phone with her.

Tang Huahua had a simple conversation with Xiaoyang on WeChat.

Huahua: “Did someone entrust you to spread news about how Lin Ya trapped Xiao Yi in the abandoned school building?”

Xiaoyang: “How did you know?”

Huahua: “Don’t worry about how I know. Let me ask you, was it He Jichen?”

Xiaoyang: “You know about even this?!”

Xiaoyang: “What the hell? God! Tang Huahua, were you born in the year of the celestial?”

After reading all the WeChat messages, Bo He turned to look at Ji Yi. “So, Xiao Yi. The person who helped you was He Xuezhang?”

Ji Yi looked calm and still as she stared at the phone screen. She didn’t reveal too much on her face, but her fingers silently gripped her textbooks tightly.

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