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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 225
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 225: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

About the incident with Lin Ya… He Jichen actually helped me settle this issue?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t helped her before – for example, he also helped out in the situation with Lin Zhengyi. However, he helped her that time on Yuguang Ge’s behalf, but this time, Yuguang Ge didn’t even know about it. Anyway, He Jichen even viewed her as a filthy woman…

The things Lin Ya said on her Moments was obviously similar to what he thinks about me, so why did he help me?

Tang Huahua and Bo He didn’t notice Ji Yi deep in thought as the two of them stood to one side. They even spoke back and forth on the topic of “He Jichen.”

“Ah… He Xuezhang treats Xiao Yi so well…” said Tang Huahua.

“That’s really great! I seriously wondered whether He Xuezhang became friends with Lin Ya just because of Ji Yi…” speculated Bo He.

“What is there to…” Tang Huahua instinctively wanted to elaborate on what Bo He said, but she only said four words and suddenly stopped. She thought back to how He Jichen asked her to help report on Ji Yi’s daily activities every day and how she promised to keep it a secret. Then she swallowed the following words: “suspect? He obviously is” and forced herself to change her words to: “…think about? In any case, Lin Ya’s already old news. Now that she’s expelled, she won’t cause Xiao Yi any more trouble.”

Bo He, who didn’t notice anything strange with what Tang Huahua just said, felt like Tang Huahua had a point. She nodded and added, “I agree!”

Tang Huahua and Bo He clapped hands. Then Tang Huahua was struck with a sudden thought as she turned to look at Ji Yi. She stared at her for some time but eventually couldn’t contain the curiosity in her mind any longer and asked, “Xiao Yi, what do you think of He Xuezhang 1 ?”

When Ji Yi heard Tang Huahua’s question, she quickly repressed her feelings.

She was lost in her own thoughts just now, so she hadn’t heard Tang Huahua’s question at all. Ji Yi raised her eyelids, looked over at Tang Huahua, and let out an “Mm?”

“I said, what do you honestly think of He Xuezhang?” Tang Huahua figured that Ji Yi didn’t quite understand what she meant by her question, so she explained it in a little more detail.

Having clearly heard the question, Ji Yi’s fine brows slightly furrowed of their own accord. Then she looked down and remained quiet for some time before she replied casually, “Nothing. He’s just someone from the same school.”

Tang Huahua could tell that Ji Yi didn’t want to answer her question, but she didn’t want to let Ji Yi off the hook, so she added, “Xiao Yi, don’t brush me off. I’m asking you one more time, for real!”

“Look, He Xuezhang is really hot and his family background is great. You rarely find a person like him in this world and what’s most important, he treats you…” Tang Huahua almost said the two words “especially well,” but the words only managed to reach the corner of her mouth before she recalled what He Jichen secretly did for Ji Yi behind her back. Ji Yi had no idea, so Tang Huahua improvised by rewording her sentence to: “…not bad, so Xiao Yi, have you considered taking the next step with He Xuezhang?”

Ji Yi furrowed her brows even more tightly as she turned her head and looked over at Tang Huahua.

Having received Ji Yi’s fierce gaze, Tang Huahua caught a tinge of annoyance.

She knew Ji Yi didn’t like her asking that question…

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