Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 226
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 226
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 226: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

In the past, when something like this happened, Tang Huahua would instinctively shut up and stop asking, but this time, she didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping. Instead, she continued to ask for even more clarification, “Or, Xiao Yi, would you ever like He Xuezhang? And do you now feel something for He Xuezhang?”

Long ago on new year’s eve when He Jichen received the screenshots from Tang Huahua, he was determined to not let Lin Ya off. However at the time, Ji Yi wouldn’t pick up her phone and he didn’t know her whereabouts, so he was worried and shoved the incident with Lin Ya to the back of his mind.

After returning from Lijiang, there was just over a month before “Three Thousand Lunatics” started filming. He had to make last-minute decisions and finalize the pre-release promotion, script, set and more. In the first month of the year, everyone was off on holiday, but he was working like crazy.

It wasn’t until yesterday that he finally finished his work. After he got a good night’s sleep, he realized it was the eighteenth – the very day he secretly went to see her every month after losing contact with her four years ago.

As soon as he thought of her, he conveniently remembered the unresolved situation with Lin Ya.

He was supposed to start school the next day, so he couldn’t allow those rumors to spread wildly around the school. Without any appetite for Zhang Sao’s breakfast set-up, he headed out to handle the situation with Lin Ya.

He knew about Lin Ya’s antics long ago, but he never intended to completely remove her from the picture in the past.

He figured that after giving her that vicious warning last time in her form, she would instinctively know to stay away from Ji Yi. He never imagined that after two short months had passed, she would cause even more trouble.

Because Qian Ge alone already created enough trouble for Ji Yi, he couldn’t allow Qian Ge to also have an easily manipulatable pawn such as Lin Ya, so he simply had to attack them at the root.

After saying goodbye to Ji Yi posing as his older brother back in Lijiang, he hadn’t seen her for a little under two weeks. It was alright if he kept busy, but when he was free, he constantly thought about her. Since he had a free day yesterday combined with the fact that he helped her take care of the incident with Lin Ya, his longing for her grew stronger. He knew that as He Jichen, he simply couldn’t ask her out, but he couldn’t resist missing her. He struggled over the idea for a long time but eventually asked her out for a meal posing as He Yuguang.

Today was the first day back at school. He Jichen originally had a meeting scheduled for later in the afternoon, but he remembered that Ji Yi had to be at the administration office to register and pick up her textbooks that day. After rescheduling the meeting for tomorrow at eight in the morning, he drove to the school.

He parked the car close to the school building, pulled the window down and lit a cigarette. He turned on the music in the car and waited there for about an hour before he saw her and a few girls from her dorm walk over from afar.

It took half an hour for her to walk into the school building and walk out again with the two girls from her dorm, hugging her textbook.

After walking for some time, the three of them came to a stop to discuss something.

Through the windshield, he stared at her when he suddenly had the urge to talk to her.

Ever since that night at the Four Seasons Hotel, he hadn’t spoken a single word to her as He Jichen… He could use the excuse of telling her that filming started on the fourteenth of March just to say a few words to her.

With that very thought, He Jichen pushed the car door open and headed straight for Ji Yi.

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