Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 23
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 23
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 23: Thank You for Your Generosity (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ah, that’s right. He Jichen is Lin Ya’s boyfriend. They bumped into each other at the same hotel—it’s only normal that they stay together at night…

But… this didn’t seem like any of her business. She didn’t need to think too much about the two of them; she was just there to drop off something for Lin Ya. The sooner she dropped it off, the sooner she could leave. Most importantly, she got so upset with He Jichen just two hours ago in the corridor of the restaurant that she didn’t want to see him. Since he was now in the bathroom, she could use this chance to drop the stuff off and disappear…

With that thought, Ji Yi quickly snapped back to her senses and hastily walked into the room, carrying the shopping bags.

With the doors shut, Ji Yi didn’t see Lin Ya in the living room, so she assumed Lin Ya was in the bedroom.

When He Jichen opened the door, he just said: “bring it in”. Lin Ya must’ve already told him that she was going to drop off some things later, so she didn’t bother going into the room or lingering around to talk to Lin Ya…

Ji Yi quickly pulled out the pads from the shopping bag and placed them on the coffee table, somewhere Lin Ya could easily spot them. Without planning to stay a moment longer, she turned right around and bolted for the door.

Who knew that before she could even take a few steps, the bathroom door would suddenly fling open? Out stepped He Jichen leisurely in his robe, wiping his hands with tissue.

Ji Yi suddenly came to a stop. She tightened her grip on the shopping bag and took a step back.

He Jichen walked two steps towards Ji Yi, then noticed there was someone standing in his own room.

He thought an attendant had brought up the coffee he just asked for and was waiting in the room for him to sign the bill. He wasn’t paying much attention when he reached his hand out in front of Ji Yi for the bill.

Ji Yi was stunned by He Jichen’s actions. She stared at his beautifully long fingers for a moment, raised her head up at him, then stared at He Jichen, “I left…”

She wanted to tell He Jichen that she left Lin Ya’s things on the coffee table, but she only just managed to get out two words before He Jichen suddenly turned his head and stared dead straight at her. “Why are you here?”

Didn’t Lin Ya tell him who was dropping off pads for her?

Ji Yi definitely didn’t want He Jichen to assume she was there for him. “I’m looking for Lin Ya…”

Lin Ya? Lin tongxue 1 ? If she’s looking for Lin tongxue, why didn’t she go looking for her in her room? Why’s she looking for Lin tongxue in my room?

A thought suddenly crossed He Jichen’s mind. Last week, after she went back to her dorm alone after having dinner with her family, she mentioned Lin Ya again. She asked on the phone, “Excuse me, are you looking for Lin Ya?”

So she thinks Lin Ya is with me?

“Alright…” He Jichen suddenly smiled. His smile appeared cheerful, but his eyes were terrifyingly bleak. “…a beautiful excuse, truly beautiful!”

“Did you really think you could just come to my room, and I’d let you stay with that excuse?”

“Let me tell you Ji Yi… Four years ago, I let you touch me because I was drunk. Four years ago, even if you offered me money, I wouldn’t touch a single strand of your hair!”

“You sure are shameless! Just at the restaurant I already made it crystal clear, yet you still have the nerve to come to my room!”

Is she really that naive to think I would believe such an excuse … Ji Yi lowered her head without saying a single word. She walked right past He Jichen and headed for the door.

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