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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 230
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 230: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She wasn’t entirely sure if it was because of what He Jichen just wrote, but Ji Yi felt a strong sense of sadness permeate little by little from his silhouette.


From Ji Yi’s impression of He Jichen, his characteristics were best described with words like egotistical, arrogant, brash, and self-righteous. As for sadness… this adjective was completely out of place in his world…

There are actually things for him to be torn up about?

And from what he just wrote, it looks like it’s about… love?

He Jichen has someone he likes? Back in Sucheng, there was a long period of time when we were especially close. How could I not know that he liked someone? Could he have met someone after we parted four years ago?

It’s really hard to imagine what kind of woman He Jichen could fall for.

Ji Yi couldn’t help but stare at He Jichen, entranced. When Tang Huahua saw her holding her chopsticks still for a while, she gave her a little nudge.

Ji Yi shook and quickly glanced down to hide the fact that she stared at He Jichen.

Tang Huahua, with something in her mouth, said in a muffled voice, “Xiao Yi, why’re you not eating?”

“Oh, right.” Ji Yi quickly picked up some food with her chopsticks and shoved it into her mouth.

She chewed a little but couldn’t resist glancing up at He Jichen.

The final word he wrote on the window pane, “lover,” was long gone, but she stared firmly at him. Everyone in the room was still eating, but he didn’t have any intention of picking up his chopsticks. He looked truly devastated as he felt around for another cigarette. He eventually found one and put it in his mouth. Through the shroud of cigarette smoke, Ji Yi hazily saw a flash of deep heartache in his eyes as his gaze fell.

It felt like Ji Yi’s heart was stabbed harshly by something, inducing an inexplicably sharp pain.

She hurriedly withdrew her gaze and creased her brows. Then she remained frozen in place while tightly gripping her chopsticks for a moment before the heartache disappeared.

That was so weird. What does He Jichen being sad have anything to do with me? Anyway, how does the way his crush looks have anything to do with me?

Ji Yi shook her head as she cast the thoughts of He Jichen away and continued to eat.

By the time everyone was full, He Jichen’s plate was still untouched.

The class president noticed it was still early, so he wasn’t in a rush to get back to school. Seeing as the conversations were dying out, someone suggested they play a game.

The game was simple – everyone had one piece of paper and a pen, and you had to write a message you could never bring yourself to say to someone. All you had to do was write the person’s name but not your own.

Everyone around the table thought it was really interesting and agreed.

When someone called the waiter for some paper and pens, they asked if He Jichen wanted to join in.

The roommate next to He Jichen instinctively said, “Chen Ge would never…”

Before he could finish, He Jichen, who hadn’t said a word all night, finally said, “Let me.”

The roommate’s mouth gaped as he sat next to him.

The waiter quickly brought over some paper and pens.

Each person at the table grabbed a paper and pen and started to write.

After they finished writing, they folded the piece of paper and called a waiter over to help collect them and distribute them back in a random order.

The first one on top was for the class president: “Your socks are so stinky.”

Everyone in the room burst into laughter.

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