Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 231
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 231
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 231: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The second piece of paper was written for a roommate from He Jichen’s dorm: “I know you took a dump in the bathroom last night.”


Because they were all close friends, everyone wrote embarrassing things which left them all grinning from ear to ear. However, after the class president opened the final piece of paper, he didn’t actually read it with the same cheerfulness. He stared at Ji Yi with a little astonishment then handed it to her.

After about two seconds, Ji Yi then realized that the piece of paper was probably written for her, so she took it with a skeptical look on her face.

Because the class president’s gaze was overly astonished, Ji Yi was more or less a little nervous. She held the piece of paper hesitantly for two seconds before opening it.

She looked down and saw the black ink strikingly clear against the pure white paper: “Ji Yi, I’m sorry.”

No wonder the class president was stunned. Even Ji Yi was completely stunned when she read those five words.

Sorry… who is apologizing to me?

Tonight, in that room, was the first time Ji Yi met the three people from He Jichen’s dorm. Before that evening, she hadn’t crossed paths with the four people from the class president’s dorm either. Bo He and Tang Huahua… The two of them would probably only joke around with her in the fashion of all the other slips of paper, so it couldn’t have been them…

He Jichen was the only one she had bad blood with…

But someone this arrogant – could he even apologize to me?

As Ji Yi thought this, her eyes couldn’t help slowly looking up and staring in the direction where He Jichen was sitting.

Through the smoke from the cigarette in his hand, He Jichen was staring right at her.

His eyes were dark and enigmatic as though they could talk. When his gaze met hers, he blinked gently, releasing an aura that pulled on her soul.

From her eyes, he could probably tell that she started to suspect something. He stared unwaveringly back into her eyes for two seconds before he gave her a gentle nod.

Ji Yi’s fingers trembled as she naturally looked down and clutched onto the paper tightly.

What did He Jichen mean by giving me that nod?

Is he using non-verbal hints to tell me that he was the one who wrote those words?

So he’s really apologizing to me? Is it for what happened that night at the Four Seasons Hotel?

Since Ji Yi remained quiet after she read the piece of paper, Tang Huahua was a little curious, so she leaned in closer. “Xiao Yi, what was written on the paper?”

Although the five words on the paper were really simple, if someone saw it, they’d probably rack their brains making up various wild stories. They’d assume she had some kind of secret relationship with someone at the table, so Ji Yi didn’t let Tang Huahua see it and quickly folded it away. “Nothing.”

“You have that expression on your face, yet you say it’s nothing? Xiao Yi, tell me, what was written on there?” Tang Huahua became even more curious, pulling on Ji Yi’s arm and starting to mess with her.

The class president, who knew what was written on the paper, could tell that Ji Yi didn’t want other people to know, so he spoke up to help Ji Yi smooth things over. “It’s really nothing. I can testify…”

Every person there was an adult, so even though the paper might’ve had something private written on it, they knew not to ask any more questions when they heard the class president say this. They skipped right past the paper in Ji Yi’s hand and opened the final piece of paper. It was written for a guy from the class president’s dorm: “Yesterday, when I was brushing my shoes, I couldn’t find the shoe brush, so I used your toothbrush.”

The guy replied with “Grrrrr,” lowered his head and started to gag, causing everyone to sway in laughter.

Ji Yi couldn’t help but curve her lips as she looked up and looked at the guy. Just then, her eyes couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of He Jichen again.

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