Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 235
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 235
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 235: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He kissed her and confessed to her so sincerely during the five-second ringing of the wishing bell. Would they really get together one day like the boss lady said? “It works for those with sincere hearts.”

If it was true… If they really ended up together… As long as he got to be with her in the end, it really didn’t matter if it happened later in the future. He was willing to wait…

She appeared in his adolescence for just a while, but she lingered in his memories for a lifetime.

On the fifteenth of the February, Ji Yi received a call from the production team for “Three Thousand Lunatics” informing her that they were going to officially start filming on the fourteenth of March and there was going to be an opening ceremony held at Hengdian.

On the eleventh of March, Ji Yi requested a leave of absence from her professor.

On the morning of the thirteenth of March, Ji Yi got on an early flight and landed in Hengdian.

Right now, she wasn’t signed to an agency and had no assistant, so she had to rely on herself for everything. Luckily, she filmed at Hengdian World Studios four years ago, so Ji Yi found the route online easily and went off on her way with multiple transfers.

She first hailed a taxi to the intercity bus station and bought tickets to Hengdian.

After she reached Hengdian, Ji Yi got into another taxi. At three in the afternoon, she arrived at the hotel the production team made reservations for.

It had been a long and arduous day, so Ji Yi took a shower, laid down on the plain bed and fell asleep. When she woke, it was already seven in the evening. Ji Yi was afraid the restaurant on the second floor was closed, so she quickly unpacked and rushed downstairs to have dinner.

The restaurant was still open but dinner time was over, so the restaurant was empty with barely anybody around.

Ji Yi ordered a portion of egg noodles then found the nearest empty table and sat down.

Not long after, the waiter served her the noodles. Ji Yi picked up a pair of chopsticks and was just about to eat when the doors of a private dining room opened and a group of people walked out.

Ji Yi happened to know all of them since they were all from the production team of “Three Thousand Lunatics.” Besides He Jichen, the producer and director, other team leaders were there. Even the screenwriter was there, as well as the main actor and the main actress, Qian Ge.

The group must’ve been drinking as they swayed slightly as they walked.

Ji Yi wasn’t a big star to begin with, and she was sitting quite far from where they came out, so she merely watched as they flamboyantly walked out of the restaurant.

This group of people temporarily engulfed the silent restaurant in noise.

Ji Yi pretended as though she didn’t notice this interlude happening as she lowered her head and started to eat her noodles.

Perhaps it was because she ran around for too long that Ji Yi didn’t really have an appetite. She was full after eating just a small portion of her food.

She put her chopsticks down and picked up a napkin. She wiped the corner of her mouth and picked up her phone from the table, then got up and left the restaurant.

She walked down the corridor then took two turns, but before Ji Yi could reach the elevators, she came to a halt.

Qian Ge, who had long left the restaurant, held a long, slender cigarette in her fingers. She looked laid-back as she leaned against the wall. She stood beside the trash can, leisurely taking fluid drags of her cigarette.

Qian Ge seemed to have noticed someone coming closer, so she turned her head slightly. Amid the smoke, she glanced over to where Ji Yi stood.

She looked like she was deliberately waiting for Ji Yi, so upon seeing her appear, she immediately straightened up and trotted over towards Ji Yi menacingly in her high heels. Standing in front of Ji Yi, she took a hard puff and exhaled it, releasing peppermint-scented smoke from her cigarette. Qian Ge arrogantly said, “Do you really think that after getting onto the production team, the supporting female role would be entirely yours?”

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