Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 236
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 236
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 236: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

So back in the restaurant just now, Qian Ge pretended to look as though she hadn’t glanced my way, but in actual fact, she did notice me.

After she left the restaurant with the group of team leaders, Qian Ge stayed behind and lingered by the elevators just to say this to me?

Deep down inside, Ji Yi couldn’t help but secretly chuckle.

But this time, it wasn’t the same as the other times when she bumped into Qian Ge and argued over all those trivial matters.

Now they were on set – Qian Ge was like a senior to the entire crew. Even if Ji Yi was popular in the past, she was a newbie compared to Qian Ge. Many people on the production crew must’ve been dissatisfied and discontent by the fact that she was cast as the supporting female character. If she wasn’t careful and was caught arguing with Qian Ge, then who knew what kind of wild rumors would be spread.

What’s more, Qian Ge wasn’t a simpleton. Right now, it might look like it was just the two of them, but who knew who could be hiding in the corner taking photos!

I waited over half a year for an opportunity like this, so I have to be cautious!

That thought quickly swept through Ji Yi’s mind as she pretended like Qian Ge didn’t exist and didn’t hear what she just said. Ji Yi raised her feet, brushed past her and walked over to the elevator where she reached out to push the button to open the door.

Before the elevator doors closed, Qian Ge stomped her high heels and walked over to Ji Yi. She put out her cigarette and chucked it into the trash can as she nonchalantly said, “If you really think that, then you’re naive. I could never be on the same production team as you!”

Ji Yi stared in silence at descending red numbers in the elevator.

“But I must admit, you really are something! To be able to get the role of the supporting female character…” Qian Ge then pulled out another cigarette and held it between her rouge lips. She sounded a little muffled as she said, “…come to think of it, I’m really curious to know… Ji Yi, how did you get the supporting female role? Did you sell yourself? To who?”

Qian Ge knew Ji Yi was able to get onto the production team because of He Jichen.

And she was only able to be on the same production crew as her because He Jichen plotted against her!

Yet she said this on purpose because she wanted to agitate Ji Yi and start an argument. That way, her manager could record everything as she hid in the corner. With the recording, all she had to do was edit and post the parts where Ji Yi was being disrespectful, and her enormous fan base would attack her.

Everyone in their industry knew just how frightening the violent power of the internet could be – it was enough to make a bright and beautiful person go crazy!

At that point, not to mention trying to surpass her on “Three Thousand Lunatics” but Ji Yi would have to live under Qian Ge’s shadow her entire life!

As Qian Ge lit another cigarette and took a drag, more outrageous things came from her mouth: “Or perhaps, how many have you been with? Were they old men? I hear those old men are all perverts. They must’ve broken you…”

After hearing the second half of what she said, Ji Yi’s eyes turned a little cold, but the corner of her lips curved into a smile. She turned her head and looked at Qian Ge like they were good friends. “Qian Ge, you seem to know a lot about that? You must’ve personally experienced it before, huh?”

“You!” Ji Yi made Qian Ge choke for a moment, but a second later, she curved her red lips into a smirk.

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