Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 237
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 237
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 237: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Forget it. Why bother arguing with you? You’re so pitiful right now with that sharp tongue of yours. I hope you can use that sharp-tongue to stay on set until the series finishes. After all, you know I’m not one to back down…”

Qian Ge deliberately stopped for a moment and put the cigarette to her mouth then took a drag. Amidst the lingering smoke, she sluggishly cried, “…Don’t say I didn’t warn you; I have a thousand ways, no… a million ways to make you leave the team. I don’t need to use my connections to force you out at all. I bet that after not too long, you’ll leave the production crew in tears!”

When Ji Yi saw Qian Ge was the leading actress for “Three Thousand Lunatics,” she already knew that these next few months on set wouldn’t go smoothly.

She also knew she had to face these situations eventually because she couldn’t allow Qian Ge to move up in life and live so glamorously and carefree by stepping all over her. Nor could she allow her office to be taken so easily like that.

So, a long long time ago, she prepared all kinds of retorts for Qian Ge’s attacks.

After Ji Yi listened to Qian Ge’s long speech with underlying threats, not only was she not the slightest bit angry, she even wore the same friendly smile on her face. Ji Yi blinked gently at Qian Ge and spoke softly and politely, not showing any weakness at all. “Leave the crew in tears?”

“Qian Ge, do you really look down on me, or do you really think so highly of yourself?”

“What about you is worth crying over? I, Ji Yi, will never cry over insignificant people!”

“Even if it’s between the two of us, the person who will be crying is definitely you!”

“So let’s quietly wait and see, shall we? Let’s see whose days working on this production will drag on and on…” As Ji Yi said this, the elevator finally reached the second floor and opened. Ji Yi stepped out and just as she raised her hand to close the doors, it looked like a thought suddenly occurred to her. She looked back and added another line from outside the elevator: “…Oh, no, the days won’t drag, the seconds will drag!”

When Ji Yi finished saying this, she pressed the button to close the elevator doors. Ji Yi shot a dazzling smile at Qian Ge as though she was giving her a friendly goodbye.

The second before the doors closed completely, Ji Yi clearly saw Qian Ge grit her teeth like mad.

Ji Yi raised her brows as a cold glow of light emanated from her eyes.

Qian Ge has surely overestimated herself. She actually thought I was a pushover who’d let anyone push me around.

Three years ago, Ji Yi saw her as a friend so she didn’t have her guard up, which was why she slipped up.

Three years later, as Qian Ge stood in front of her, Ji Yi vowed to make her meet the same ending, the same ending that would befall all the people who challenged her!

One of these days, she, Ji Yi, would make her, Qian Ge, repay her ten-fold for every single thing she owed her!

One of these days, she, Ji Yi, would stand in front of her, Qian Ge, stare down at her and say, “Qian Ge, you’ve lost!”

Ji Yi knew that Qian Ge wouldn’t give up, but she never thought she would actually use such despicable tactics to defeat her.

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