Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 238
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 238
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 238: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi knew Qian Ge wouldn’t let her go, but she never imagined she would actually use such dirty tactics against her.

At the very start, Ji Yi didn’t notice anything wrong. There were many things she innocently thought were just a coincidence.

For example:

On the first day of shooting, Ji Yi finished shooting her scenes at seven in the evening. She was looking for somewhere to eat her meal when a staff member brushed her arm in a hurry, causing her meal to fly to the ground. Meals were ordered for each person, so if she picked up another, someone else wouldn’t have one. All Ji Yi could do was admit that she was unlucky and starve that day.

On the second day of shooting, during Ji Yi’s afternoon scenes, she needed to go to the bathroom. Seeing as the director cried “Cut!” in between two scenes, she took advantage and hurriedly left the set. When it was almost her turn to use the restroom, a female staff member ran in and hurriedly cut in front of her. The woman pushed open the restroom doors and made her way in. She stood outside the door waiting for ten whole minutes until another staff member hurried her back on set for filming. All Ji Yi could do was helplessly continue acting.

On the third day of shooting, the makeup artist responsible for Ji Yi’s makeup that evening had frequent stomach aches and ran to the restroom. When the director started to push them to start shooting, Ji Yi only had half her makeup on and the other makeup artists were busy. All Ji Yi could do was apply her makeup herself.

On the fourth day of shooting, after Ji Yi finished applying her makeup for her scenes in the evening, she discovered a large hole in her costume that the crew prepared for her in advance. Though the staff fixed it up, it was nevertheless particularly expensive and it took a lot of time to fix, considering it was a period costume. Because of this, it was one in the morning when they finished filming the evening scenes.

Small mishaps like this happened practically every day. At first, Ji Yi didn’t really notice what was happening until one day, before going to the restroom, she put her costume bracelet on the makeup table only to notice that it was gone when she came back.

If she didn’t wear the bracelet, all her scenes would be outtakes. To help her find her bracelet, the production staff wasted over an hour searching.

That day, He Jichen sat in front of the monitor with his usual cold expression and didn’t reveal any change in emotion.

Rather, it was the assistant director beside him who had been waiting impatiently. After they found the bracelet, he signaled for everyone to take their places and get ready to shoot. Then he warned and reminded Ji Yi by saying, “Xiao Yi, you’ve troubled the crew quite a bit!”

The assistant director’s words were like a wake-up call.

Of course people experienced mishaps, but for her, they occurred far too frequently. They happened daily – in fact, sometimes they happened two times in one day.

When mishaps happened this frequently, they were no longer by accident; they were intentional.

When the assistant director finished speaking, Ji Yi instinctively looked over to where Qian Ge was sitting. Sure enough, she looked really pleased with herself.

At that moment, Ji Yi realized that everything that had happened to her these last few days weren’t just coincidences; it was Qian Ge messing with her in the background.

Her goal was simple: she wanted Ji Yi to encounter endless mishaps to delay the filming and make everyone on set unhappy with her, isolate her, push her aside, and make the production team leaders think she was inadequate for the job…

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