Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 239
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 239
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 239: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

A whole day’s worth of filming was tiring enough. If Ji Yi created problems every day, it would take up most of everybody’s free time.

At first, everybody tolerated it – they just felt dissatisfied inside at the most and ranted about it in private. However, as time went on, everybody lost their patience and they started to target her outright.

By then, her situation was certainly difficult to manage on top of the heavy workload. It could really destroy her!

After being shouted at by the assistant director, Ji Yi humbly apologized but started to be more alert.

She was cautious and on guard for the first two days after that, and she did have a few days of peace. However, it lasted just a few days because her cautiousness only aggravated Qian Ge.

There was even a day when Ji Yi didn’t even get a lunch box to eat. She knew it was Qian Ge messing with her, but she didn’t have any evidence, so she fought her hunger and forced herself to concentrate on finishing the shoot.

When she finished shooting scenes at eleven in the evening that day, she was so hungry that she had stomach cramps. It was so bad that when she went back to her hotel room for snacks, she immediately vomited them right out.

For the whole afternoon, she didn’t go to the bathroom and held it in until the very end. Her bladder started to hurt.

Of course, that wasn’t all. One day, she spent the whole day on the toilet, so it forced her to stop shooting all day. After she went to the hospital to get things examined, she learned she ate a laxative. Then she remembered that Qian Ge probably asked someone to contaminate her water on set.

Ji Yi knew Qian Ge used these disgusting methods to force herself to cry first.

She said it before; she wouldn’t cry because of her, and she really wouldn’t. She wasn’t stupid. She learned from her mistakes, so she brought a lot of instant noodles into her hotel room. Before she left the house in the morning every day, she brought her own lunch box in her bag. If anything happened to her lunch box, then she wouldn’t have to be hungry and allow it to affect her acting.

To avoid going to the toilet, she tried to cut down her water intake. She wouldn’t touch anything that she left unattended because of her past experience with laxatives.

Deep down inside, Ji Yi knew that Qian Ge wouldn’t let the matter slide.

In her heart, she actually hoped Qian Ge wouldn’t give up because she needed an opportunity – an opportunity to retaliate.

She wasn’t Qian Ge, so she wasn’t going to frequently mess around like her. That would be too easy to spot flaws, and too easy for someone else to use against her.

Until she was absolutely certain that she could attack Qian Ge, all she could do was bide her time and endure it all.

Even if she had to eat half a month’s worth of instant noodles until it disgusted her.

Even if she suffered from dehydration and had a nose bleed every morning because she didn’t drink enough water.

Even if she lost almost 5kg in half a month.

She still gritted her teeth and chose to endure it all.

The heavens didn’t treat her badly in the end, or perhaps, Qian Ge was about to receive her dose of karma, because Ji Yi finally got her chance.

That day, the main scene to shoot was a scene with her and Qian Ge together.

He Jichen, who suddenly left the set two days ago, had returned. While Ji Yi and Qian Ge had their makeup done, he sat down in front of the monitor, watching the scenes from the past two days of his absence.

Ji Yi’s makeup was done before Qian Ge’s, so she went first to the production crew’s changing rooms to change into her costume.

Since someone tampered with her costume in the past, every time Ji Yi put it on, she always carefully checked it once.

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