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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 240
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 240: Ji Yi, I’m Sorry (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As her fingers stroked the waist area of her clothes, she discovered a fraying thread.

Ji Yi creased her brows, lowered her head and took a serious look.

A thread in the waist area must’ve been sliced through with some kind of knife. It looked like everything was normal, but when she put it on, she realized that if she made any big movements, the thread would burst open.

If she wasn’t careful and examined her costume beforehand, she really could’ve torn it open. She really had to wear a thin layer of clothing underneath otherwise the whole crew would see her naked.

Ji Yi’s gaze turned cold.

Qian Ge had truly gone too far. Seeing as she hadn’t been able to embarrass Ji Yi recently, she actually used such heinous tactics…

That was all well and good. Since she dared to play this game, she couldn’t blame Qian Ge for not caring about her feelings!

This time, she had an opportunity to settle the score!

At that thought, there was a flash of cold mercilessness across Ji Yi’s neatly drawn brows.

Because she knew someone messed with her costume, Ji Yi deliberately wore an extra layer of tight clothes and safety shorts to prevent her from being exposed.

She stood in front of the tall mirror and confirmed that even if the tear in her waist completely burst open, she wouldn’t be exposed. With that, she put on her costume as she went back into the makeup room. Then she took a seat in front of the dressing room mirror and started to have her hair done.

Qian Ge sat nearby. She got up after she finished applying her makeup and happened to walk past Ji Yi, heading to her changeroom to get changed.

Ji Yi stared straight at the dressing room mirror but from the corner of her eye, she paid attention to Qian Ge. Just as Qian Ge was about to walk in front of her, she clearly glanced at Ji Yi’s waist area.

Qian Ge’s little move confirmed to Ji Yi that her speculations were completely true.

She pretended as though nothing happened as she randomly grabbed a fashion magazine with a calm expression on her face. Every now and then, she would look up and glance over at the stylist working on her hair through the reflection in the mirror.

When everything was in order for Ji Yi and Qian Ge, it was time to start filming.

With the small crack of light from the set, Ji Yi used this opportunity to pull out the script she memorized by heart and read it over again.

Today, Ji Yi and Qian Ge’s scenes weren’t difficult to shoot.

The second female character of “Three Thousand Lunatics” was a soldier trained by the male lead to die in her fight. As the female lead was heavily injured, the male lead repeatedly called her name. Completely disregarding the male lead’s warnings before she fainted, the loyal second female character went to find the female lead, who was getting ready for her wedding.

At the time, there were some misunderstandings between the female lead and male lead. No matter how the second female character tried to persuade her, the female lead just wouldn’t believe her. The second female character was stubborn, so she reached out and grabbed the female lead’s hand, trying to force her to go with her. Just then, the female lead struggled against the second female and swung out of her grip. The female lead then shoved the second female with such force it caused the second female lead to fall to the ground.

Four years ago, when Ji Yi was scouted, she was already complimented for being a natural talent at acting; she made anything she acted look real.

Also, “Three Thousand Lunatics” was key to her comeback to the entertainment industry. During the filming process, she used practically every second to get herself into the role of the second female character. As soon as filming started, Ji Yi got herself together.

The only reason Qian Ge was such a big shot now was because of the acting skills she honed these past two years.

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