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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 242
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 242: Think About It, Before You Answer (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At that thought, Qian Ge couldn’t help but smirk as she reached her arm out and waited for the assistant and makeup artist to help her remove the red Chinese bridal coronet and jacket.

After Qian Ge’s outer jacket and bridal coronet had been removed, Ji Yi still hadn’t gotten up from the mat.

After the scene was shot, the staff were in a hurry to leave and had already started to pack up. Seeing as Ji Yi didn’t move for a long time, someone instinctively asked her, “Second female, why haven’t you gotten up yet? Are you hurt somewhere?”

With her back turned to Ji Yi, Qian Ge had a cold smirk on her face as she listened.

Hurt somewhere? A mat was laid out for her – how could she have gotten injured from the fall? She’s probably scared to get up and let everyone see her exposed body, right?

After a while, Ji Yi still hadn’t gotten up. Laying there was a way to temporarily escape her embarrassment.

As she imagined Ji Yi getting up and revealing her body to everyone, Qian Ge couldn’t help but emanate a happy glow about her.

When Ji Yi heard someone address her, she turned around slightly and looked over at the source of the sound.

Her face was a little pale as her brows furrowed tightly. She looked as if she was in extreme pain.

She propped herself up slightly on the mat with her arms and let out a grunt. Her hand shifted to the left side of her waist, looking like she was really in pain.

Seeing as something wasn’t quite right with Ji Yi, a staff member stopped what she was doing and walked over to her side. “What’s going on?”

Ji Yi didn’t reply to what she said as her hand by her waist shuddered profusely for a moment. A second later, she slowly withdrew her arm and before she could take a closer look, she cried, “Blood! Blood! So much blood!”

A second later, the staff member surrounded her and yelled, “The second female character got injured, got injured!”

In the past, after finishing a shoot, Qian Ge wouldn’t linger for even a second – she got changed and left. However, today she lingered and pretended like she had something to discuss with her manager just to watch the drama unfold with Ji Yi.

The assistant eagerly handed Qian Ge a bottle of mineral water with the cap removed. Qian Ge put it to her lips and was just about to take a gulp when she heard a staff member’s frantic calls from behind her.

Qian Ge furrowed her brows tightly and instinctively looked up at her own manager.

The manager was looking at Ji Yi. It was the same for her – the second she heard what the staff member said, she creased her brows with an astonished expression on her face. Suddenly, her eyes widened as though she saw something unbelievable and said, “My goodness, how did that happen?”

Qian Ge was a little confused by her manager’s words, but she kept quiet and turned around to look at Ji Yi.

The woman’s little, fair hands were covered in blood.

Staff members in the area came rushing over and surrounded Ji Yi when they heard their coworker’s cries.

There was a female crouched down, examining her condition.

Just as Qian Ge hoped, the loose thread by Ji Yi’s waist had completely torn open. However, Ji Yi wasn’t exposed like she hoped, since Ji Yi was wearing body-tight suspenders and safety shorts.

Her white suspenders were even dyed red.

There was also blood leaking non-stop from her waist, which had patches upon patches of red on her clothes.

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