Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 245
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 245
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 245: Think About It, Before You Answer (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The sound of He Jichen’s car screeching to a halt was exceedingly ear-piercing. The sound alarmed quite a few staff members close to Ji Yi and caused everyone to turn around. When they saw He Jichen accompanied by the assistant director, casting director, the screenwriter, and a majestic man they weren’t familiar with, everyone politely greeted him with “Director He.” One after the other, they instinctively stood aside to make a path for them.

The piercing pain from her waist made Ji Yi tighten her brows even more. Just when she thought she was going to faint from the pain, she heard the sound of a car braking abruptly. Because the sound was so sharp, her brows twitched slightly. Then she heard consecutive cries all saying “Director He.”

Director He?

Among the entire production crew and directors, only He Jichen had the surname “He”… So…

Ji Yi hesitated for two seconds before she turned her head and saw He Jichen making his way through the crowd. He looked dreary as he took big strides directly towards her.

Did the news of me getting injured shock him?

But didn’t they call the on-site doctor over? Why did He Jichen have to come over personally?

What’s more, he looks vaguely worried instead of his unchangingly cold expression.


Ji Yi still hadn’t snapped back from her disbelief of using such a word to describe He Jichen. When she did eventually come to her senses, He Jichen was already standing in front of her.

He lowered his head slightly and checked her body up and down. When his eyes met the bloody stains by her waist, he instantly turned pale.

Having clearly taken in the sight of Ji Yi, his expression changed as though he saw something completely unbelievable. His lips were so shocked and gaped open that Ji Yi forgot about the pain on her waist.

He Jichen was completely frozen in front of her for over ten seconds before he abruptly crouched down.

He raised his hand and reached out to her waist. Just as he touched her wound, her entire body shivered in pain. He flinched as he withdrew his fingers. Then he turned his head and looked over at Ji Yi’s fair, little face. “How did you get yourself injured like this?”

Though he seemed composed, there was still a slight tremble in his voice.

Ji Yi caught onto how unusual He Jichen sounded as she stared at his face in astonishment once again.

He sounds like he’s afraid… Is he afraid because I got injured?

Ji Yi’s mind was a little confused by this sudden realization. For a moment, she forgot to answer the question He Jichen just asked her.

He Jichen saw the woman stare silently stunned at him, making his heart hurt even more.

There were so many people surrounding her, so he couldn’t allow her to get her wound treated under everyone’s watchful eyes.

He Jichen didn’t say a thing as he immediately reached out to carefully lift Ji Yi from the mat.

He Jichen didn’t seem to mind Ji Yi’s blood on his expensive clothes. He turned his head and shot Cheng Weiwan a look to signal her to come with him. Then he walked on the stairs and entered the palace nearby, all the while carrying Ji Yi.

Ji Yi didn’t think He Jichen would carry her like that in front of everyone on the production team; her mind was so blown that she couldn’t register what happened at all.

When she snapped back to her senses, the man already carried her through the palace doors.

Through the mirror in the palace, Ji Yi saw He Jichen was carrying her like he was holding a fragile item.

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