Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 25
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 25
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 25: Thank You for Your Generosity (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When Tang Huahua heard Bo He put it that way, she immediately nodded along. “Right right right, maybe they knew each other long before.”

Lin Ya’s eyes smiled and she continued to look as soft as gently rippling waters. “Nope. I asked Xiao Yi before; she and He Dage never knew each other. Xiao told me they didn’t know each other and that she never really paid much attention to He Dage.”

Bo He and Tang Huahua didn’t know quite what to say after being countered like that.

Even if Ji Yi had just a vague idea as to what was going on before, she now completely understood what Lin Ya was thinking at that very moment.

She clearly ran to her for help and lured her, one step at a time, into He Jichen’s room. Now she was pretending like she didn’t know why she was there, and she even cut off Bo He’s attempt at smoothing things out. Lin Ya was actually set on pinning her to the reputation of her “seducing a best friend’s boyfriend”…

“Lin Ya, don’t you know why I’m here?” asked Ji Yi in a calm voice as she looked into Lin Ya’s eyes.

Lin Ya was obviously going to pretend to be ignorant till the very end. She widened her eyes and asked with a bewildered look on her face, “Xiao Yi, what do you mean by that? How would I know why you’re there?”

“You don’t? Didn’t you come running to tell me that you’re on your period and that I should pick up some pads for you? You even told me you changed to room 1808 and asked me to drop them off here!” As Ji Yi said this, she tilted her head and glanced over at He Jichen and said, “The pads are on the coffee table in the room.”

To see if what Ji Yi said was true, Bo He peered over at the room then politely asked He Jichen, “May I come in to have a quick peek?” With He Jichen’s slight nod, Bo He ran right into the room.

“So there really is…” Soon enough, Bo He brought the pack of pads back. With the evidence, Bo He asked, “Xiao Ya, was what Xiao Yi said true?”

Lin Ya didn’t reply to Bo He but stared at the pack of pads in disbelief. Her eyes looked like they were practically going to fall out. After a while, she raised her head and stared at Ji Yi in disbelief, “Xiao Yi, why did you do that? I didn’t ask you to buy me anything.”

The rims of her eyes turned red as though she’d just been wronged. She looked over at Bo He and Tang Huahua for help. “Bo He, Huahua, you know I sat in the hot spring all night. If I really was on my period, why would I be there…”

“What’s more, Bo He, I had my last period at the same time as you…” Lin Ya was so flustered that she asked twice, “Bo He, do you still remember? Remember?”

Bo He glanced over at Ji Yi in hesitation but after a while, she eventually nodded.

“Look, Bo He nodded. I’m not on my period, so why would I ask you to help me buy them? Xiao Yi, why did you try to lie and embarrass me?” As Lin Ya said this, she turned around like she just realized something. “Xiao Yi, did you use me as an excuse because you wanted to visit He Dage but didn’t have a reason to be here?”

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