Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 253
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 253
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 253: Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“I accept your complaint and I will accept a police investigation into my actions!”

It was just as Qian Ge’s manager said – no one there was stupid. Though she spoke very well and she cut out Qian Ge’s involvement, everyone knew in their hearts that the manager and artist were like one. These incidents must’ve had something to do with Qian Ge, so this was like an emergency PR stunt.

Other people clearly saw through the act and He Jichen knew it deep down inside too.

However, Qian Ge’s manager already owned up and was willing to take responsibility for everything. If they aggressively questioned her for the truth, not only was there no meaning to it, but nothing would come out of it.

At the thought of Qian Ge getting off scot-free, He Jichen’s gaze turned increasingly intense and stern.

In that very instant, Qian Ge thought He Jichen was going to rush over and slap her. She was so frightened that her heart stopped beating and both her legs started to tremble uncontrollably.

Just as she was about to collapse to the ground in shock, He Jichen withdrew his cold gaze and said in the coldest tone of voice to the assistant director: “When the police and lawyer get here, you’re in charge of handling everything.” Then he turned around and headed for the palace doors.

When He Jichen took his first step towards the doors, he saw a pale white Ji Yi holding her waist, leaning against the palace doors.

She’s injured, so why did she come out when she could be lying down?

He Jichen gently creased his brows and couldn’t resist but speed up his footsteps.

Ji Yi was startled when Cheng Weiwan took her costume from her.

I have such a heavy injury, but the best part of my plan hasn’t even started. If Cheng Weiwan gets rid of the costume, wouldn’t she have wasted all my efforts?

Just when Ji Yi was scheming about how to get her costume back, she watched Cheng Weiwan pause as she unrolled the costume. Then she spread out the costume and started to search inside.

She knew Cheng Weiwan noticed something odd…

She figured Cheng Weiwan would tell her right away, but she never imagined that Cheng Weiwan would only stare at the costume for some time before walking out of the palace.

Since Ji Yi was inside the palace, she couldn’t see what was happening outside, but she wanted to know if her objective was achieved. She endured the pain in her waist, and she pushed herself up from the side of the bed, got up, and slowly staggered over to the door.

She saw with her own eyes how He Jichen threw the costume down by the wardrobe assistant’s feet, and she personally heard him ask to get a lawyer to sue her. She also saw how he took one step at a time towards Qian Ge after the wardrobe assistant revealed that Qian Ge bribed someone to mess with her costume.

Actually, she could understand Qian Ge’s confusion. Qian Ge tampered with the costume, but she didn’t put the blade in there.

Because I personally put the blade in there.

It’s just a shame that nobody would ever suspect that I did it to myself…

She understood what she did was really stupid, but she had no other way. For someone as powerless as she was, trying to keep her place on the set, trying to make her days easier, and harshly fighting back at Qian Ge, this was the only path she could take.

If she was hurt, the production crew would take her situation seriously. Then, even if there was no one on set who could handle it, she could leave it for the police to handle since the situation was so dire.

But she never imagined that He Jichen would help her handle the situation as soon as he found out the whole story.

He even went as far as to reveal that he warned Qian Ge in the past that time when she slandered her to Lin Zhengyi?

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