Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 254
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 254
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 254: Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When did Qian Ge slander me? How did I not know about this? And he-he actually protected me without knowing the full story…

In that instant, Ji Yi’s state of mind was so confused that she didn’t even notice He Jichen walking up to her.

He Jichen was still sullen about how Qian Ge’s manager took the blame for Qian Ge without a second thought. Even though he worked really hard to not show the emotions he had earlier in front of Ji Yi, everything the wardrobe assistant said rang in his ears when he stood in front of her and saw her slender figure looking skinnier than before.

He thought her change in weight was because she just started filming, so she was tired from shooting all day from early in the morning till late at night, but that wasn’t the real reason…

He left behind the glorious honor of going to a prestigious school, stinted his relationship with the He family by insisting on going to Beijing to become a director to get a little closer to her. He did it all just to allow her to get a little closer to her dream and protect her well.

But under his watch, she still suffered so much…

An indescribable sense of shame instantly engulfed He Jichen’s entire body. A burning fire within his heart grew exuberantly, so when he spoke to Ji Yi, an air of ruthlessness came over him. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ji Yi shivered in shock by He Jichen’s low roar and suddenly felt wide awake.

She instinctively looked up and stared at He Jichen.

The expression on his face was cold and somber as usual, and as he tightened his lips, a vague sense of anger jumped out from his brows.

With just one glance, Ji Yi lowered her eyes at the sight of the expression on He Jichen’s face.

Seeing as the woman didn’t say anything, annoyance coursed through He Jichen’s body. He needed to vent, so he asked again in the same overbearing attitude as before. “I’m asking you, why didn’t you tell me? Did you think I’m just as immobile as furniture? Someone was bullying…”

He Jichen suddenly stopped speaking.

He originally wanted to say: Someone was bullying you, so why didn’t you tell me?

However, as the words reached the edge of his mouth, he suddenly remembered that their relationship wasn’t that good and she was unbelievably stubborn. Four years ago, he mistakenly told her to never appear in front of him out of jealousy, and she really avoided him…

So, how could she confide in him about this incident now?

Even if she suffered the worst on set, she’d probably rather ask a stranger to help her over him…

Ji Yi creased her brows as she didn’t quite understand He Jichen’s random questioning. After some time, seeing as he didn’t finish his sentence, she looked up in confusion and snuck a glance at He Jichen’s face.

He Jichen felt her gaze and easily met her eyes.

Ji Yi instinctively lowered her head.

He Jichen snapped back to his senses and pushed down his thoughts from earlier, suddenly catching sight of her eyes. For a moment, he looked down at the messy hair of the woman who was almost half a head shorter, then he opened his mouth. He wanted to ask her if her wound hurt terribly or if she wanted him to carry her back to the hotel. He already formed the words in his mind, but when they reached his lips, he couldn’t say them as he had never spoken so gently to a woman before.

He Jichen tried several times, but in the end, he only forced out the word “wound” in an incredibly low voice which even he couldn’t quite hear.

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