Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 258
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 258
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 258: Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge’s eyes were red with anger. “Ji Yi, watch what you say!”


Deep down inside, Ji Yi thought that was quite funny.

She wants me to watch what I say? Then what about her? In all these years, when has she ever watched what she said or did?

She came to my room not to visit me, but rather she truly wants to get her image back. Yet most importantly, she wants to anger me, right?

From the moment I joined the cast till now, she’s always made me suffer. After enduring it for so long, I’ve had enough already! I wanted to make her see who was making whom suffer today!

With that thought, Ji Yi leisurely spoke again: “Oh, right! I forgot to ask you – did the police take your manager away in custody for a few days?”

In that very moment, that undoubtedly was what Qian Ge was most irritated and pained about!

She wanted to touch a sore spot!

Just as Ji Yi thought. When she said that, Qian Ge was so angry she started to grit her teeth. Qian Ge only blurted one word, “You――”, then stopped, because she didn’t know how to continue.

Compared to how angry Qian Ge was, Ji Yi’s eyes had a gentle smirk on them as she glanced over at Qian Ge. She nonchalantly lowered her head and dug into her nails carelessly as she said in a relaxed tone of voice: “Now that you think about it, it’s really pitiful that the only person who has a brain is in custody…”

“Ji Yi, shut your mouth!” Qian Ge’s face was completely somber.

Ignoring her exasperated warning, Ji Yi’s smile became even more presumptuously bright. Even her voice sounded even sweeter. “…It’s one thing to lose so badly, but you couldn’t even keep your image and really suffered two-fold by bringing others down with you…”

“Ji Yi! Save your ridicule!” When people are angry, they tend to use the other person’s weak spots to attack them, and Qian Ge was no exception. What’s more, she knew everything about Ji Yi, so she was merciless with her attacks. “Come to think about it, no one knew as much as you do about suffering two-fold after trying to bring others down, am I right? In our senior year of high school, you obviously liked He Yuguang, but you climbed into bed with He Jichen. It’s enough that He Jichen didn’t want you after sleeping with you, but you even got pregnant and almost lost your life on the operating table! Say, even after He Jichen treated you like that, you still tried to fawn over him by every means and joined the same production crew as him. Not only did you suffer two-fold back then, years later, you’re still a b*tch!”

Bit by bit, Ji Yi’s smile withdrew from her lips as she heard Qian Ge’s words.

That was the heaviest pain she held in her heart. In all these years, she never dared to touch this pain, but Qian Ge actually used it as a weapon to attack her!

A chill slowly crept from Ji Yi’s eyes as she abruptly turned her head and interrupted Qian Ge. “Finished talking? If you are, then get out of my room!”

“Get out? The hell I will!” As Qian Ge said this, she sat by Ji Yi’s beside, crossed her legs and said with more intensity, “Honestly speaking, Ji Yi, you couldn’t have used your first time to negotiate with He Jichen to get the role as the supporting actress, right?”

Ji Yi’s expression became even colder as Qian Ge brought up the past for the second time. She squinted as a flash of harshness crossed her eyes. “Qian Ge, you’re going on non-stop as you stand in front of me. Aren’t you afraid of offending me and getting into court again?”

For a moment there, Qian Ge understood the hidden meaning behind Ji Yi’s words, and she let out a “Tch” from her smirk.

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