Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 26
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 26
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 26: Thank You for Your Generosity (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Yeah. Yeah, it must be that…” Lin Ya nodded fervently and looked at Bo He and Tang Huahua like she was recruiting allies. “Think about it. If I really was on my period and I really did ask her to buy me something, I’d definitely ask her to deliver it to my room. Why would I possibly ask her to drop it off at He Jichen’s room?”

“What’s more, if I really did ask her to come here, do you think I’d really stay with you both in the hot springs for so long, head of the dorms Huahua?”

That’s right. No girlfriend would allow their own boyfriend to be in the same room as a beautiful young woman in the middle of the night.

Lin Ya is He Jichen’s girlfriend, so why would she ask Ji Yi to go to He Jichen’s room? And why would she stay in the hot springs with us, knowing full well that Ji Yi was in He Jichen’s room?

Even though Bo He and Tang Huahua didn’t reply to Lin Ya’s words, their faces obviously looked as though they believed Lin Ya.

Seeing this, Ji Yi completely understood.

Lin Ya’s story was well-rehearsed.

Though Ji Yi didn’t know when Lin Ya started to hold a grudge for her, she was certain Lin Ya had plotted this for a long time.

Lin Ya knew she’d just finished her period and Bo He could back that story, so she used a good opportunity to string up a good story from a bunch of lies.

Her intent to drop off some food for He Jichen was fake; bringing Tang Huahua and Bo He over was her real intention.

First, Lin Ya wanted Bo He to bear witness and second, she wanted to embarrass me in front of all my roommates!

For Lin Ya to think up such a flawless plan, she wasn’t stupid. Seeing as Tang Huahua and Bo He stood by her side, her eyes filled with tears, appearing pitiful. “Xiao Yi, did you use me?”

“Everyone said that four years ago, Ji Yi, who’d joined B-film a year before, was a big shot. She wasn’t someone to be messed with. If it weren’t for the car accident three years ago that put her in a coma, then Ji Yi would’ve long been the queen bee of the entertainment industry today. All this time, I never believed those absurd rumours because I thought Xiao Ye was really nice. But today, I learned I was wrong. Xiao Yi, I never imagined you’d use me as a pawn to get closer to He Dage. Especially after how I’ve treated you so well all this time…”

As Lin Ya said this, large teardrops rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

Everything would’ve been fine if she hadn’t cried, but as soon as she did, everything fell apart. Having assumed Ji Yi used Lin Ya, Bo He and Tang Huahua couldn’t sit idly by any longer.

“Xiao Ya, don’t cry.”

“All of us live together—Xiao Yi, why would you go and do something like that?”

“Xiao Yi, why don’t you apologize to Xiao Ya? You’re in the wrong in the first place. If you just went to see He Xuezhang, fair enough but to use Xiao Ya as an excuse? That’s really going overboard.”

She had been through setups like this before.

She told He Jichen before, though he didn’t believe her and made her sound like a terrible person.

Now, even her roommates believed she had sinister motives and wanted to steal her roommate’s boyfriend…

When Ji Yi heard Bo He and Tang Huahua’s words, her blood ran cold and her face turned pale.

He Jichen, who hadn’t said a word from start to end but watched everything unfold, stared at Ji Yi’s back for quite some time. Then, his eyes dropped to her fingers.

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