Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 261
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 261
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 261: There’s No Justice. Only She’s Right and You’re Wrong. (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen finally reacted. Without so much as a glance at Qian Ge, he silently averted his eyes from Ji Yi’s face to the nutritional tonics that Qian Ge left on the ground.

Seeing as He Jichen heard and reacted to what she said, Qian Ge quickly said, “…Director He, my manager has been wrongly accused! You’re the director and the producer. For this to happen in your production team, you should step in and resolve the issue…”

It was unclear if He Jichen actually heard what Qian Ge said as he only stared straight at the nutritional tonics.

About a minute passed since the moment he entered Ji Yi’s sight. All of a sudden, he walked into the room.

As he brushed past Ji Yi, her fingers quivered and her heart became even more unsettled.

Why did he enter my room?

Qian Ge probably had the same question she did. Her chattering stopped for about a dozen seconds before she continued to say, “Ji Yi openly framed other people! It’s practically out of order! What’s more, for her to do this, she’s delaying production. No matter if it’s her character or work, Ji Yi is an unqualified actress…”

He Jichen was just as calm and composed as before while he digested what Qian Ge said. He casually put the big bag down on the counter, walked over and stopped in front of the nutritional tonics Qian Ge brought with her.

They’re just a bunch of normal nutritional tonics. Why’s he so transfixed by them?

Qian Ge paused what she was saying for a moment then quickly spoke up again, “…Director He, I need Ji Yi to explain herself and I also hope you can get justice for my manager!”

It was unclear which one of Qian Ge’s words caught He Jichen’s attention. However, after having not glanced at Qian Ge up till now, He Jichen suddenly turned around and looked blankly over at her.

He stared at Qian Ge for no more than a few short seconds when he withdrew his gaze and scanned the room with his eyes. He walked over to Ji Yi’s bedside table.

After he stopped in front of it, he picked up the hotel phone and put it to his ear as he pressed a button.

His gaze was emotionless and distant as usual, but his actions were so mysterious that Ji Yi couldn’t guess what he was thinking from his cryptic behavior. What’s more, she wasn’t sure if He Jichen heard the conversation she had with Qian Ge. Her anxious heart was a little flustered.

The phone was picked up after over ten seconds.

Because she was some distance away, Ji Yi could only vaguely hear that it was a woman on the other line.

After she said just a few words, He Jichen exclaimed, “Room 2006, please send an attendant up.”

Why’s he calling an attendant?

The doubt and suspicion in Ji Yi’s mind grew and before her thoughts settled, He Jichen put the phone down.

There was an office on every floor of the hotel, so an attendant in a hotel uniform rushed over not long after He Jichen hung up the phone. When she saw Ji Yi and Qian Ge standing at the door, her expression looked evidently stunned but she didn’t stop walking. She continued to take a few steps and stopped at the hotel door. Then she smiled at Ji Yi and said, “Miss, may I ask…”

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