Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 263
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 263
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 263: There’s No Justice. Only She’s Right and You’re Wrong. (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

In this very moment, it wasn’t important whether or not he overheard her conversation with Qian Ge. What’s important was that after hearing what Qian Ge said, not only was he unfazed by her, but he even stood up and helped her slap Qian Ge on the face!

It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard how awful his words could be. In the past, she hated him to no end for what he said to her, but she never imagined that he would protect her with his cruel words!

Ji Yi clearly felt her heart rate speed up: Boom, boom, boom.

She stared intently at He Jichen.

The attendant moved swiftly as she quickly tidied up all the nutritional tonics and held the bags in her hands.

Just as she cried, “Goodbye Sir, Miss,” and before she could even turn to leave, He Jichen suddenly cried, “Wait!”

The attendant stopped what she was doing and looked over at He Jichen. “Sir, is there anything else you would like me to help you with?”

He Jichen drearily turned around and glanced over at Ji Yi’s bed at a specific point on the bed for a few seconds. He raised his fingers and pointed twice at the bed. “Change the bed sheets too. Trash touched it just now. It’s dirty!”

When Ji Yi heard this, she suddenly realized that the spot He Jichen stared at was the same spot where Qian Ge sat…

So, He Jichen was standing outside the hotel room at that time?

Which goes to say that he actually did hear that I was the one who put the blade in there?

He knows the truth, so why’s he helping me fight against Qian Ge?

Ji Yi’s heart was already confused, but it instantly became a complete mess.

After the attendant heard what He Jichen said, she first carried the nutritional tonics out of the room and put them in the corridor. Then she swiftly tore off the bedsheets.

She grabbed the bedsheets, planning to leave to fetch new ones and return to change it. As she reached the door, He Jichen looked as though he remembered something and said, “Also, the rug in the room. Change that too. The TRASH stepped on it!”

As He Jichen said this, he started to think back to where Qian Ge sat. Then he pointed at the floorboard outside the door and said, “… The trash also walked on that part of the ground. Later, scrub it carefully for me…”

After a pause, He Jichen added, “…Oh no, scrub it with disinfectant to save you from the leftover virus carried by the TRASH!”

It was enough for He Jichen to repeatedly describe Qian Ge as trash, but ordering the attendant so brazenly around Ji Yi’s room made Qian Ge out to be some kind of hideous creature!

Standing at the door, Qian Ge’s little face flushed and turned pale white. She bit down hard on her bottom lip as her eyes turned red. She couldn’t hold it in and she cried, “Director He…”

When He Jichen heard her speak, his eyes glanced over and saw her face looking as though she was about to cry. There wasn’t any hint of tenderness on his face, nor was there the slightest hint of giving up. As He Jichen racked his brain over what he might’ve missed, he ordered the attendant, “…Also, send someone to bring up an air purifier. Clean the air from the TRASH that was in the room!”

Tears started to pour from Qian Ge’s eyes, perhaps because she felt so embarrassed.

He Jichen continued to add, as though on purpose, “…The door too. Trash knocked on it, so wipe it over once with disinfectant! No, ten times, to save the guest in the room from getting her hand dirty!”

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