Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 267
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 267
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 267: There’s No Justice. Only She’s Right and You’re Wrong. (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Trash, luck, consequences…

Those three words barged into Ji Yi’s mind as she creased her brows slightly. In her heart, she finally understood something.

If this was a minute ago, she would’ve thought he was being unreasonable. His words were easier said than done. He wasn’t her, so how would he know the extent of her problems? Deep down, she lost track of all the complaints she had against him.

But he actually described Qian Ge as “trash” and lectured her with a trembling voice on how lucky she was. When he asked her whether she thought about the consequences if something ever happened to her, she suddenly realized that he wasn’t just angry at her for causing trouble on set…

Ji Yi was hesitant for two seconds before she looked up at He Jichen with astonishment.

In this very moment, at surface level, he looked just as scary as when he used to get angry at her before. Even the words from his mouth were just as sharp and harsh…

But his lips still trembled slightly as though he was in shock and hadn’t completely recovered from the incident…

His eyes looked really vicious, but there were evident flickers of chaos and heartache.

Looking like this, he was obviously scared after what happened… She was the one who got hurt, but he was actually afraid…

So, she guessed right earlier – the main reason he was angry wasn’t because she used dirty tricks and lied to him, but because she hurt herself.

At that thought, Ji Yi’s heart quivered violently. Her eyes suddenly shot open, and in that instant, she couldn’t care less about the intense pain in her wrist under He Jichen’s force. Just like that, she stared at He Jichen blankly.

He Jichen had no idea what was going on in Ji Yi’s mind. He thought back to how he almost ruined his life because of her car accident three years ago. It was just as Qian Ge said – he cared so much for her safety. In fact, he cared so much that he wished he could take on all her little aches and pains. But what about her? She casually hurt herself, just like that?

He Jichen was so angry that his chest started to heave.

He stared at the woman and wished he could grab a tool to pry open her brain and see how it worked!

At that thought, He Jichen clenched his teeth and scolded her: “I’ve never seen someone as stupid as you in my whole life! I think not only do you have a hole in your head, it’s filled with water too! I’m not sure how you were able to survive up till now!”

His tone of voice was fierce and stern, but Ji Yi wasn’t like how she used to be. She didn’t feel fear or panic, and she didn’t think about running away from him. She kept the same stance, still blankly staring at He Jichen.

In all the years she’d known him, this was probably the first time that after hearing such horrible things from him, not only was she not annoyed, but she even felt a little warm inside.

“No wonder you…” In a fit of anger, it was natural for him to be tongue-tied. He Jichen only managed to get those three words out before he suddenly came to a stop.

He almost erupted in anger as he almost let slip: “It’s no wonder someone put you in a coma three years ago.”

To her, this must’ve been an embarrassing ordeal for her. An ordeal of betrayal, and a humiliating ordeal…

At this crucial moment, He Jichen stopped speaking as his rationality slowly returned. That was when he realized that he was lashing out at her again.

He didn’t want to be like this, but she was always able to easily anger him.

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