Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 272
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 272
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 272: You Were Never Alone, You Still Have Me (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As He Jichen finished what he said, Han Zhifan suddenly slammed his tall glass onto the coffee table.

He Jichen furrowed his brows and turned to look over at Han Zhifan in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Han Zhifan didn’t say anything, but his gaze upon the tall glass grew intense.

Cheng Weiguo… Even if he turned to ashes, he’d still be able to recognize those three words.

He would never forget the dirty, lowly thing that the well-dressed man did!

So the woman he noticed today who made him feel so peaceful was Cheng Weiguo’s daughter?

He heard Cheng Weiguo only had that one daughter who he loved so dearly.

He Jichen creased his brows a little harder. “What the hell’s wrong?”

Han Zhifan snapped back to his senses and realized that he was lost for a moment and hurriedly pushed down the feelings in his eyes. He looked up at He Jichen and shot him his usual warm smile. “Nothing, I was just shocked. I never imagined that such a hidden gem would be on your production team!”

He Jichen believed Han Zhifan, so he didn’t pursue it any further.

Seeing as He Jichen looked normal and didn’t pick up on anything, Han Zhifan felt more at ease. Then he looked down to hide the boiling emotions in his eyes.

Cheng Weiguo, Cheng Weiwan, Cheng Weiwan, Cheng Weiguo…

He repeated those two names in his mind over and over again until he eventually gritted his teeth with hatred and ferocity.

In this lifetime, he would never forgive Cheng Weiguo. He had been waiting for an opportunity to give Cheng Weiguo a fate worse than death… With Cheng Weiwan’s appearance, this might just be that opportunity for him.

At that thought, Han Zhifan lost interest in lounging around in He Jichen’s room. “It’s getting late, so I’m heading back to my room to get some rest.”

He Jichen nodded slightly. He didn’t try to make Han Zhifan stay, but he remembered something the moment that he got up and cried to Han Zhifan, “Ah yeah!”

“Mm?” Han Zhifan stopped everything he was doing and stared at He Jichen.

He Jichen raised his head and downed the red wine then glanced over at Han Zhifan and said in a dull voice, “I have to stay on set and can’t step away, so there’s something I wanted to ask of you.”

“What is it? Just say it and it’s done.”

“Go back to Beijing and help me find out which hospital Ji Yi had her abortion done at three years ago…” Back in Ji Yi’s room, he heard Qian Ge mention how Ji Yi almost lost her life during her abortion years ago. If it really happened how Qian Ge described it, why would she risk so much to avoid having his child? Could there possibly be some kind of hidden reason he didn’t know about?

At that thought, He Jichen added, “Remember, I want the most comprehensive rundown of what happened.”

“Alright,” promised Han Zhifan. Seeing as He Jichen had no other orders, he said goodbye and left.

The door gently opened and shut, suddenly causing the room to fall incredibly silent. Now there was only He Jichen left in the room.

He sat on the sofa for quite some time before the alarm on his phone rang. He finally got up and walked out of the bedroom.

Because of the wound on his hand, He Jichen went to the restroom to quickly freshen up before he laid back in bed.

A hard object under his body felt a little uncomfortable. He furrowed his brows and pulled out the hard object. It was He Yuguang’s phone.

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