Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 278
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 278
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 278: You Were Never Alone, You Still Have Me (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

So, it was really just as she thought. Everyone who was ousted by the wardrobe assistant cooperating with Qian Ge was all fired from the team overnight?

Only an important member of the production team with a lot of power could’ve fired people on such a large scale, and on “Three Thousand Lunatics,” that was… He Jichen.

So, this was all his doing?

That made sense since her scenes were pushed back, whereas other actors had their scenes pushed forward. Besides him, the director, there was no one else who had the power to do that.

“Miss? Miss?” After the lady at the front desk finished reading the names, she couldn’t help but call Ji Yi because she hadn’t reacted for some time.

When Ji Yi snapped back to reality, she stared at the lady at the front desk for a while before she realized what happened. Then she swiftly replied to the lady at the front desk: “Thank you and sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s nothing,” said the lady at the front desk.

Ji Yi replied with a smile but didn’t say anything as she walked away from the front desk and headed back upstairs.

Ji Yi, who had no scenes to shoot, wanted to use the opportunity to get some rest and recuperate from being so exhausted. However, since she incidentally learned about what happened, Ji Yi’s mind was rattled again, just like how she felt after Cheng Weiwan left the night before.

With her anxious heart, Ji Yi managed to make it to the afternoon when she finally shook that feeling away and went downstairs for lunch.

Perhaps she was too full from lunch since she felt a little sleepy as she headed back to her room. Ji Yi, who laid there for an entire afternoon, finally managed to sleep.

She was really tired because she ended up sleeping till late in the day. When she finally woke up, it looked like it was late in the evening, judging by the color outside the window.

Ji Yi went to wash her face first then headed downstairs to the restaurant.

She didn’t have much of an appetite, so she only grabbed some salad and fruit before finding a seat by the window.

Before she could start eating, Ji Yi saw He Jichen and the other leaders of the production team walk into the restaurant.

Her gaze was instantly fixed on He Jichen who was so engaged in conversation with the assistant director that he didn’t notice her sitting in the corner.

This string of people probably just wanted to get a quick meal since they didn’t dine in the private room. Instead, they sat at the biggest table in the restaurant.

The casting director said a few quick words to the restaurant manager, and soon after, a waiter carried out dishes of food one after the other.

He Jichen and the assistant director continued their conversation as they ate.

He Jichen’s seat happened to face Ji Yi, so she could see his injured hand.

The wound on his right hand probably hadn’t healed yet since he was using his left hand to eat; it was probably inconvenient for him to hold chopsticks with his wounded right hand. It looked like he wasn’t used to it since he seemed to have trouble picking up the food. Perhaps he thought it wasn’t worth the bother so he didn’t eat a lot and put his chopsticks down.

The group of people looked like they had more to discuss later, so they ate quickly and left the restaurant.

That was when Ji Yi finally withdrew her gaze from He Jichen’s table and started to eat her own food absent-mindedly.

Ji Yi took just a few bites before she put her fork down and watched as the sky outside turned dark. Then she turned her head and called the waiter. “Excuse me, can I please get a portion of egg fried rice?”

The waiter nodded, but before he could leave, Ji Yi added, “…to take away.”

After about ten minutes, the waiter came out with a bag of egg fried rice to-go and placed it on Ji Yi’s table.

Ji Yi thanked the waiter. After the waiter left, she stared at the bag for some time before gently biting her bottom lip. Then she got up and picked up the bag.

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