Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 283
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 283
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 283: Can You Give Me A Hug? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen furrowed his brows as confusion flashed in his eyes.

Yes yes yes, to apologize… this excuse is practically beyond brilliant!

Ji Yi secretly complimented herself on how quick-witted she was as she continued to tell He Jichen: “Even though Qian Ge’s people used so many cheap tricks on me, I still shouldn’t have gone to such drastic measures yesterday. After all, the production team isn’t my home. To completely readjust the shooting schedule must’ve messed with the actors and troubled the production crew. I’m terribly sorry.”

So she denied me with three consecutive “No’s” only because of this… Joy filled He Jichen’s heart as the dullness in his eyes was instantly swept away. His voice sounded a lot softer as he said, “It’s over now, so don’t worry about it.”

Ji Yi never imagined He Jichen had such a well-tempered side, so she was stunned as she gently said, “Mhm.” Then she quietly glanced up at the man.

With his left hand, he pulled out the box of egg fried rice from the bag she brought.

Seeing how inconvenient it was for He Jichen to use his left hand in the restaurant, Ji Yi hurriedly reached her hand out to grab the spoon she asked the waiter to pack.

She pulled the spoon out from the bag and wiped it with a tissue then loosened up the egg fried rice. After she finished scooping with the spoon, she handed it to He Jichen.

He Jichen didn’t take the spoon after he saw everything she did.

Ji Yi glanced up at He Jichen in confusion; his expression hadn’t changed – he was just as cold as usual, but there was a discreet glimmer of a smile in the corners of his eyes.

Stunned, Ji Yi wasn’t sure if she was just seeing things when He Jichen’s expression disappeared. He finally reached his hand out to take the spoon from her hands.

Ji Yi stayed by his side while he ate.

Seeing how tough it was for him to scoop the rice with his spoon, she reached her hand out and help him stir the rice apart occasionally.

The two of them were in sync. Even though they didn’t really talk to each other, the atmosphere seemed friendly.

When Ji Yi saw the bottom of the box of egg fried rice, she got up and walked over to the bar counter and made He Jichen a cup of coffee. When she carried the cup back to him, he already finished eating and was tapping away at his phone.

As Ji Yi gently placed the coffee in front of He Jichen, he looked up and shot her a glance. He pointed over at the sofa beside him and quietly said, “Please wait.” Then he lowered his head and tapped away on the phone with his left hand.

Ji Yi incidentally glanced over at He Jichen’s phone to see that he was replying to an email. Realizing that he was dealing with work, she sat silently to the side.

When she saw He Jichen on his phone, she remembered that she hadn’t touched her phone all day, so she pulled it out of her pocket.

Ji Yi unlocked the phone screen, opened WeChat out of habit, and noticed a series of notifications. Ji Yi swiped down, and after she finished sending Tang Huahua a reply, she looked down at a familiar name at the bottom of the screen: Yuguang Ge.

There were two unread messages.

The timestamp indicated they were sent past one in the morning last night.

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