Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 284
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 284
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 284: Can You Give Me A Hug? (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Last night when she didn’t receive any reply from “He Yuguang,” she assumed he already fell asleep, so she put her phone down and slept too.

She never imagined that he hadn’t actually fallen asleep yet…

At that thought, Ji Yi tapped into the chat.

Aside from this “goodnight” message, there was another message. The message wasn’t long: “You were never alone, you still have me.”

You were never alone, you still have me… Was Yuguang Ge replying to my message: “I can only rely on myself in this world”?

Ji Yi’s heart suddenly warmed and she stared transfixed at those words.

You still have me… Although those four words were simple and they weren’t some vow of eternal love or a lover’s gut-wrenching sweet words, she still thought they were unusually heart-warming.

Yes… As long as you’ve experienced betrayal, the lowest of the low, have nothing left and have to start life all over again, only then will you know that the words that’ll make you feel the most secure in the world aren’t “I love you,” “I’ll marry you,” “I’ll financially support you,” nor “together”… but they were “you still have me.”

After He Jichen finished working, the first thought he had was to look over at Ji Yi.

She was holding her phone, staring tenderly at something on her screen with a smile on the corners of her lips.

What’s making her so happy?

He Jichen was curious, so he instinctively stretched his neck out and glanced over at Ji Yi’s phone screen.

He quickly saw the three words “Yuguang Ge.”

From the conversation on the screen, He Jichen easily recognized that it was WeChat.

Is she reading the chat between herself and “He Yuguang”?

He Jichen’s brows twitched and he stretched his neck out further to get a better look at Ji Yi’s phone.

The page displayed the conversation they had last night.

At the top were messages she sent him, but at the very end were his replies to her.

Is she really this happy over that conversation with “He Yuguang”?

Deep down, He Jichen started to feel an intensely bitter feeling. The next second, with his very own eyes, he saw Ji Yi gently stroke the words “You were never alone, you still have me” on her phone.

So, she isn’t happy because of the conversation between her and “He Yuguang,” but because of those words themselves?

He Jichen’s heart was struck by a piercing sharp pain as he instinctively turned his head and looked out the window.

Didn’t I send those words to her last night to cheer her up?

Now that she’s so happy, shouldn’t I feel happy too?

So there’s nothing to be sad about… I achieved my goal, didn’t I?

He Jichen repeatedly tried to comfort himself for a long time before the pain subsided.

He shifted his line of sight and he silently stared at the reflection of her silhouette through the window for a while. Just as he was about to turn his head and say something to her, his phone started to ring.

The sudden ring woke Ji Yi up.

When He Jichen picked up the phone, he watched through the reflection on the window as Ji Yi’s fingers quivered while grabbing her phone.

He Jichen’s gaze lingered over Ji Yi for two seconds then he looked down at the phone screen.

When he saw the name on his phone screen, he instinctively glanced at Ji Yi.

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