Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 289
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 289
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 289: Can You Give Me A Hug? (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi dragged the assistant director all the way to the bathroom door. Without giving him any reason at all, she pointed at the door and said, “Assistant director, quickly think of a way to break the door down!”

Break the door down?

The assistant director silently looked at Ji Yi like she was crazy.

Seeing as the assistant director didn’t move, Ji Yi ushered him again, “Assistant director, what are you doing looking so stunned? Hurry!”

“No, out of nowhere, you want me to break…”

Before the assistant director could finish, Ji Yi was in such a hurry that she looked like she was going to stomp angrily at any time. She cried, “Assistant director! Quit asking so many questions and quickly break down the door, alright?! He Jichen’s in there! If you act too slow, someone’s going to die!”


When he heard those words, the assistant director burst out laughing. “Ji Yi, your joke is pretty good…”

“I’m not joking. It’s true, He Jichen has been in the bathroom for some time now and he still hasn’t come out. He didn’t look good when he walked in, and Han Zhifan just advised me that if he doesn’t come out, I have to go in to check on him. He said something will happen to him…” The more Ji Yi spoke, the more anxious she got as tears started to pour out.

Seeing how distressed she looked, the assistant director started to take her seriously. “You’re saying Han Zhifan advised you?”

Ji Yi nodded.

The expression on the assistant director’s face changed, and without any hesitation, he yelled for the casting director and male lead to come over.

The casting director and male lead saw the anxiety on the assistant director’s face and realized it was an emergency. Without asking, they immediately followed the assistant director’s plan. The three of them got together and charged at the door, kicking it open.

As the door fell to the ground, it let out a loud “Bang――.” The sight of He Jichen leaning against the sink while smoking came into view.

He Jichen, who was immersed in his own thoughts, furrowed his brows and looked up at the four people on the other side of the door.

After meeting his gaze, they were completely frozen on the spot.

The assistant director, who stood right in the middle, stared at He Jichen in a daze. He finally realized something.

Didn’t she say… someone’s going to die?

The assistant director turned around and glanced at Ji Yi then realized that He Jichen looked just fine. Without thinking twice, he betrayed Ji Yi. “It was Ji Yi’s idea. She said you wanted to commit suicide…”

As the assistant director finished speaking, He Jichen’s gaze fell on Ji Yi’s face.

This group of people had been around He Jichen for a long time, so they knew just how frightening his temper was and were afraid he’d get angry. Seeing that he was looking at Ji Yi, the assistant director used that opportunity to shoot glances at the other two next to him. Then the three of them quickly slipped out of He Jichen’s room.

The sound of the door closing dumfounded Ji Yi and woke her up from her daze.

She finally realized his gaze had drifted to the mess around the room behind her.

Didn’t Han Zhifan tell me that something would happen? But in the end, he was just in the bathroom smoking. Meanwhile, I completely turned his room upside down…

Ji Yi awkwardly bit her bottom lip, looked down, and spoke in a quiet voice, “Han Zhifan told me that something was going to happen to you…”

He Jichen didn’t say anything but let his gaze fall back onto Ji Yi. He saw her fair neck was drenched in sweat.

Ji Yi didn’t dare look at He Jichen. She waited for a while, but seeing as He Jichen didn’t react, all she could do was continue to explain herself in a somber voice. “…I knocked on the door for so long, but you didn’t even react. I thought it was just as Han Zhifan said, that you…”

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