Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 290
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 290
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 290: Can You Give Me A Hug? (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Up until that point, Ji Yi hadn’t finished saying the two words “commit suicide” when she suddenly fell silent for two seconds. Then she timidly said, “Don’t be mad. When I saw you go into the bathroom with that awful look on your face, I was a little worried, so…”

Worried? He Jichen’s fingers trembled slightly as he pinched the cigarette.

Ji Yi looked down and thought about it for a moment then continued to quietly say, “I’ll help you pay for any damages to the room. About the room… I’ll tidy it up for you now…”

As she said that, Ji Yi turned around.

Before she could approach the mess on the ground, He Jichen suddenly raised his hand, threw his cigarette into the trash can, and took big strides over to her.

Ji Yi sensed He Jichen drawing close as she instinctively turned her head. Before she caught sight of his eyes, he grabbed her arm and pulled her swiftly into his arms, embracing her tightly.

The man’s unique scent instantly enveloped Ji Yi’s entire body.

She was stunned at first, but after three whole seconds, she realized what they were doing. Her body froze, her heart was startled, and a second later, she was so flustered that she started to struggle out of He Jichen’s embrace.

He Jichen realized what she was doing, because the moment she struggled, he hugged her even more tightly. He didn’t give her the slightest opportunity to break free.

Through the man’s thin clothing, Ji Yi could clearly feel the warmth radiating from his body.

Her heartbeat and consciousness started to become confused, shy, and uncomfortable. She nervously held her breath and her face looked like it was on fire as it was completely flushed and warm.

She wanted to struggle out of his grip so badly.

He Jichen remembered the wound on her waist, so he didn’t dare hug her too tight because he was afraid to hurt her. At the same time, she fought him even harder, but just as she was going to break free from his embrace, he suddenly said, “Can you give me a hug?”

He sounded very gently, yet there was an indescribable sense of sadness.

Ji Yi’s heart felt like it had been pierced by something as a sharp pain started to surface. All of a sudden, she came to a complete stop, frozen on the spot.

After about three seconds, Ji Yi cried, “I…”

She said just one word, but He Jichen figured she was going to reject him, so he quickly spoke first. “Give me a hug. Just for a while. Just a while…”

He Jichen sounded a lot gentler compared to how sad he sounded a moment ago. Ji Yi wasn’t sure if it was all in her head, but she thought she actually heard him beg.

For a man so arrogant and proud, why would he beg anything of me?

In the midst of Ji Yi’s astonishment, she heard He Jichen’s voice from above her head. “…as friends. Is that okay?”

Friend… To Ji Yi, he was once her most important friend when they were young…

Ji Yi wanted to reject He Jichen but the words seemed lodged in her throat. No matter how hard she tried, the words wouldn’t come out.

Her silence and hesitation gave He Jichen a sliver of hope as he slowly tightened his arms, hugging her in his arms.

Unlike before when she tried to push away from him, her body was now tensed up.

He carefully held her a little tighter. Seeing as she didn’t fight back, he slowly lowered his head and buried his face in her hair.

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