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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 296
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 296: Pampered Collectively by the Production Team (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When the little assistant saw her, she first shot her a bright smile then walked over and gave a bow of respect. “Good morning, Miss Ji.”

The casting director was responsible for casting, and he was also responsible for future casting for new series under his management, so all the actors on set not only kissed up to him for future roles, but they were also very polite towards his little assistant whenever they saw her. Yet, the assistant was actually bowing to her, a newbie, the supporting actress…

Ji Yi was so stunned that she took a step back. A second later, Ji Yi bowed back at the little assistant and greeted her cheerfully. “Good morning. Busy?”

Seeing Ji Yi bow, the little assistant bowed even lower and replied, “Yes, I’m just checking to see if the set is ready.”

All Ji Yi could do was follow the little assistant’s actions and bow. “You’re working hard, I see.”

The little assistant then bowed even lower. “No, not at all. It’s all part of my job. Miss Ji, I’ll be off to work now.”

“Alright.” Seeing as the little assistant bowed with each time she spoke, all Ji Yi could do was continue bowing too.

“Goodbye.” The little assistant didn’t straighten up at all as she said goodbye then took a few steps back before leaving.

Seeing as she bowed, Ji Yi also followed suit. It was only when the assistant left that Ji Yi straightened up. She reached her arm back and rubbed her waist as her wound started to hurt. Then she patted her chest to soothe her frightened heart.

Ji Yi was afraid there were more odd situations to come, so she glanced left and right, trying to figure out where to hide. Who knew that before she could find a good hiding spot, a young woman holding an umbrella would come running over to her. “Miss Ji, why are you here alone? The sun is too strong, you mustn’t burn. There’s some distance to walk to get to the set, so let me take you to the lounge to get some rest.”

Ji Yi thought her experience from that morning was already too much. She never imagined that several people would surround her the very second after she finished shooting her first scene! Someone handed her water, another held an umbrella for her, another helped retouch her makeup… she was so well taken care of that it seemed like she wasn’t there to shoot but was there instead as an empress.

With the group of people crowding around her, Ji Yi and the production team went to the hotel restaurant together after the afternoon scenes were shot.

Just as she finished placing her order, before she could even choose a seat, someone greeted her enthusiastically again. There were also people who were so over-the-top that they helped her wipe down her table and chair with a tissue, even though they’d already been cleaned.

After her meal, Ji Yi went to the restroom. Since the entire production team was there, everyone was lining up to use the restroom.

Some saw Ji Yi walk in and immediately smiled, bowed, and greeted her, “Hello, Miss Ji.”

As they said this, people who hadn’t noticed Ji Yi all turned their heads, one after the other, just to say “hello.”

Just as Ji Yi’s face started to ache from returning their smiles, one of the cubicles opened. As though everyone in the restroom had made prior plans, they all stood aside and said, oddly in unison, “You first, Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi hastily refused their gesture, but who knew that if she didn’t go in, nobody else would either.

A row of people stood there awkwardly for three whole minutes before Ji Yi gave in. She summoned her courage and forced herself through the crowd and into the cubicle which everyone so modestly declined.

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