Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 297
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 297
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 297: Pampered Collectively by the Production Team (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi must’ve been frightened by her experience just now in the restroom. She originally wanted to use the toilet, but she had to sit on the toilet for three whole minutes before she could summon the urge to go.

Ji Yi smiled as she stepped out of the cubicle and passed the row of people. When she reached the sink, she turned the tap on and carefully washed her hands. Just as she was about to wipe the water from her hands, a tissue appeared before her eyes.

Having experienced surprising situations early that afternoon, Ji Yi was still truly shocked. She stared at the tissue for two seconds before she looked up as she grabbed it. There was a woman about twenty-five or six years old who was smiling right at her with bright eyes.

Ji Yi gulped hard to steady her pounding heart. She smiled and said, “Thank you,” as she took the tissue.

After drying her hands, she was just about to throw the tissue into the trash can when the woman who passed her the tissue earlier reached out and took the tissue from her. She walked over to trash can and tossed it in.

Having received such overly enthusiastic treatment, when Ji Yi exited the restroom, she didn’t dare return to the restaurant. Instead, she headed directly over to the set.

It was still too early to shoot, but she was afraid to bump into more overly friendly people from the set, forced to exchange smiles with them, so she figured that she might as well find a sofa by the window to sit on. She shut her eyes and pretended to sleep.

The warm sun beat down on her body through the window, making her feel unusually comfortable. Ji Yi, who had just been pretending to sleep, actually managed to fall asleep.

When she woke up, the sun was still shining brightly through the window; the brightness made it a little difficult for her to open her eyes. She raised her hand and gently covered her face for a moment before she heard a “ding dong!” from beside her.

She instinctively turned her head and saw that an actress from the production team had received a message. Instead of actually reading the message, she switched her phone to silent in a panic then looked up at the entrance of the lounge area with fear in her heart.

Ji Yi’s gaze happened to land on Chen Bai who was standing at the door, wearing an all-blue suit. He was staring at an actress with a warning look on his face.

The actress looked so fearful that her face was pale white like she’d committed a terrible crime.

Meeting her gaze, Ji Yi furrowed her brows in confusion.

Chen Bai was staring at her, but why?

Confused, Ji Yi thought about it as she glanced up at the clock on the wall of the lounge.

It’s already three in the afternoon?

Didn’t they say they’d start shooting at one? It’s been two hours, so why haven’t they started shooting?

That’s not right… I accidentally slept for two hours? The lounge area’s a public space, so why didn’t someone wake me up in the past two hours?

Chen Bai can’t be staring at that actress just because her phone went off and woke me up, right?

This whole scene was like deja vu… Back at Sucheng Yizhong when she was young, after she fell asleep on the classroom desk in the summer afternoons, Fatty stood by the door to prevent anyone from making a single peep… If somebody accidentally coughed, Fatty would stare at the person with a menacing glare…

As that thought flashed across Ji Yi’s mind, she instinctively looked over at the actress whose phone rang. Then she looked over at Chen Bai standing at the door.

This whole scene was precisely the same as when she was young. Chen Bai was Fatty, and the actress was the senior high student who accidentally made a sound… Even the series of exaggerated events she had earlier that afternoon were incredibly similar to her senior high school days…

Deep down inside, Ji Yi wasn’t entirely sure if she was right, when Chen Bai, standing at the door, said, “Mr. He, Miss Ji just woke up. Can we get ready to start shooting now?”

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