Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 298
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 298
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 298: Pampered Collectively by the Production Team (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Deep down inside, Ji Yi wasn’t entirely sure if she was right, when Chen Bai, standing at the door, said, “Mr. He, Miss Ji has woken up now. Can we get ready to start shooting now?”

Ji Yi’s eyes naturally followed the direction of the sound to see that Chen Bai was on the phone.

It was unclear what He Jichen said over the phone, but Chen Bai quickly replied, “Alright. Got it, Mr. He.”

Then Chen Bai removed the phone from his ear. He casually swiped the screen to hang up the call then looked up at everyone in the room. “Get ready, everyone! Be on set in fifteen minutes.”

Before shooting the scene, He Jichen had a lot of matters to attend to. After Chen Bai relayed He Jichen’s instructions, he didn’t stay for long and headed straight out of the lounge.

After Ji Yi woke up and Chen Bai had left, the room full of people who had been prohibited from making a sound started to talk amongst themselves. Soon afterward, the entire lounge became unusually lively.

Ji Yi remained in place, quietly sitting on the sofa. As though she couldn’t hear the chatter around her, she stared at where Chen Bai had been standing in a daze.

So, it really was as I imagined. All the “frightening” things I saw today were all He Jichen’s idea…

Ji Yi’s heart suddenly pounded twice as she felt that time had rapidly turned back that very instant, dragging her back to her adolescence in Sucheng Yizhong.

Every day of summer that year was just as bright and sunny as today.

No matter which corner of the school grounds she was in, people would always smile at her younger self, wearing a school uniform.

She clearly wasn’t someone who had the best relationship with everyone, but the entire school treated her unbelievably kindly.

She was never a princess, but she became the princess of Sucheng Yizhong for a whole year.

That was just like her day on set. She clearly didn’t stand out, but the infinite spotlight on her was greater than that on Qian Ge and the male lead.

She never was a queen, but He Jichen forcibly built her up to be a queen.

Because of Ji Yi’s afternoon nap, they hadn’t finished shooting that day’s scenes until the sky outside was completely dark.

As usual, there were parties in the evening. Today happened to be Friday, the day of the party He Jichen mentioned, so after the scenes were shot, they wrapped things up at work quickly.

The party was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel, the classiest place in the Hengdian area. It took about twenty minutes to get there by car, so the production team arranged for a coach, which had waited early outside their hotel for them.

After Ji Yi headed back upstairs, she quickly put on some makeup and got changed. There were already quite a few people on the coach.

She found a seat randomly. Not long after she passed some time on her phone, the coach was full and the coach driver slowly started the car.

Arriving at the Grand Hyatt, a group of people got out of the car and entered the lobby, one after the other.

Ji Yi followed the group of people to the elevator. As she passed the front desk in the lobby, Chen Bai suddenly called out to her, “Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi came to a stop then walked towards Chen Bai.

Chen Bai waited until she came closer to say, “Miss Ji, how is the wound on your waist?”

Why is Chen Bai suddenly caring about me? Did He Jichen have him ask me?

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