Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 302
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 302
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 302: Can We Go Back to How We Were Before? (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi wanted to give He Jichen her thanks and her lips moved silently, but she was so deeply emotional that she couldn’t make a sound.

He Jichen’s expression became unusually soft in front of the speechless Ji Yi. The corners of his lips formed an overflowing smile. He stared at her for some time before his gaze fell on the cake behind her. “Cut the cake.”

Ji Yi let out an “Mhm” and continued to stand there for a moment. She waited for her raging emotions to settle down a little before she handed Tang Huahua standing next to her the fresh flowers. Then she took the knife Bo He gave her and walked over to the cake.

After the cake was distributed, a row of people wished Ji Yi happy birthday. Everyone hadn’t eaten since the moment they finished shooting till now, so they dispersed on their own, heading to the long buffet tables nearby.

Since today was Ji Yi’s birthday, there were drinks prepared for the party. What’s more, her birthday was single-handedly arranged by He Jichen, so no matter if it was out of respect for the birthday girl or to get on He Jichen’s good side, everyone had to endlessly drink to her.

Although Ji Yi only sipped a little each time, dozens of people in the room continued to drink one gulp after another until even Ji Yi couldn’t hold her drink any longer.

There were still people at the party holding continually topped-up wine glasses with smiling faces surrounding her.

Having drunk so much ice wine on an empty stomach, Ji Yi’s stomach was churning like crazy. In reality, she hadn’t wanted to entertain people for a long time now. Even if He Jichen was building her up to be a queen, she wasn’t really a queen. Out of respect for He Jichen, everyone respected her too. She couldn’t act like a diva, so all she could do was endure the pain in her stomach as she continued to drink with all the people who ran over to respectfully toast her.

Just after Ji Yi sent off three more well-wishers with much difficulty, she thought about taking this opportunity to slip away to hide in the toilet for a while. That was when someone cried, “Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi turned her head and saw four people holding tall wine glasses walking over to her. She secretly cursed in her heart but tried hard to welcome them with a smile.

“Miss Ji, happy birthday. Because we didn’t know in advance, we couldn’t prepare a birthday gift for you. Please forgive us.” The person right at the front was an actress from “Three Thousand Lunatics.” She stopped about a meter in front of Ji Yi and apologized to her while pushing a wine glass in front of Ji Yi.

No matter how reluctant Ji Yi was to drink again, she clutched the wine glass tight then raised her hand to clink glasses with them.

But before the two glasses touched, another person beside her called her name: “Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi and the four people in front of her turned their heads at the same time when they heard the cry.

It was Chen Bai.

The four of them practically shot a beaming smile and said, “Assistant Chen” at the same time.

With a friendly expression on his face, Chen Bai greeted them with a gentle nod then looked over at Ji Yi. “Miss Ji, Mr. He’s looking for you.”

After saying this, Chen Bai didn’t even give Ji Yi a chance to respond – he swiped the wine glass from her hands then looked over at the four people standing beside her. “Apologies, I’ll be taking Miss Ji away first. If you have unfinished business, you all can talk about it later.”

Everybody knew Chen Bai was He Jichen’s assistant. Since he asked, who would dare refuse him? All four of them nodded and shared some nice parting words.

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