Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 303
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 303
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 303: Can We Go Back to How We Were Before? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

With a polite expression on his face, Chen Bai smiled at the four of them and replied with a “Thank you.” Then he placed the wine glass he stole from Ji Yi’s hands onto a waiter’s tray as they walked past him. Chen Bai turned his head and said to Ji Yi: “Let’s go,” and he led the way over to the set of sofas in front of the tall windows.

Ji Yi really thought He Jichen needed to talk to her about something, so she shot the four of them an apologetic smile. Then she hurriedly caught up with Chen Bai.

On the way, quite a few people stopped their conversations just to greet Chen Bai and Ji Yi.

Seeing as Chen Bai didn’t stop walking, Ji Yi didn’t stop either. Just as Chen Bai did, she replied to those people by shooting them a smile and gentle nod of the head.

As they drew closer to the sofas in front of the tall windows, Ji Yi could clearly make out that not only was He Jichen sitting there on the sofa but Han Zhifan was there also.

The two of them probably had work to discuss as there were two files on the coffee table between the sofa.

“Mr. He, Miss Ji is here,” said Chen Bai when they reached the sofa, completely disregarding what He Jichen and Chen Bai were talking about.

Though He Jichen was interrupted, he didn’t seem the least bit annoyed. He turned to glance over at Ji Yi, ignored Chen Bai and pointed right at the sofa in front of her. “Sit.”

It probably wasn’t good for her to sit there while he was talking business with Han Zhifan, right?

Ji Yi helplessly turned her head and glanced at Chen Bai. When she saw a slight nod of the head, she proceeded to walk over to the sofa He Jichen pointed at and took a seat.

He Jichen didn’t speak to Ji Yi, but his gaze found its way over to Chen Bai. With just his eyes alone, he hinted something to Chen Bai. Chen Bai seemed to understand the message and turned to leave.

After Han Zhifan and Ji Yi smiled at one another, He Jichen continued the conversation from earlier.

Ji Yi couldn’t understand why He Jichen called her over, but out of courtesy and respect, she tried her best to stay quiet in order to not disturb the business conversation between the two men in front of her.

About five minutes passed before Chen Bai returned. Behind him was a middle-aged man in chef’s clothes.

He Jichen must’ve heard the footsteps as he looked over at Chen Bai arriving yet continued to talk to Han Zhifan.

He Jichen only stopped talking when Chen Bai and the chef reached the sofa. “What would you like to eat? Just tell them,” suggested He Jichen casually to Ji Yi sitting in front of him.

Ji Yi never imagined that He Jichen called her over to have dinner. She stared at He Jichen, stunned on the scene.

Seeing how dazed she looked, He Jichen didn’t speak for some time. He turned his head and looked over at the chef standing next to Chen Bai. “What are your some of your specialty dishes? Name a few for her.”

“Yes, Mr. He,” politely replied the chef. He then looked over at Ji Yi and smoothly listed a series of dishes.

There were fine French dishes, traditional Japanese dishes, and there were dishes he claimed as his personal specialty Imperial dishes…

The Grand Hyatt was a five-star hotel, so naturally, the chef was first-rate. After Ji Yi heard the list, she recognized that these cuisines were of great quality. It was such a shame that she really didn’t have the appetite for gourmet food after having drunk quite a lot of wine. All she wanted was to eat something she was in the mood for, so after the chef finished listing the dishes, she hesitated for a moment but eventually said, “Could you make me some hot and spicy soup?”

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