Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 305
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 305
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 305: Can We Go Back to How We Were Before? (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Before Chen Bai left, he casually called the waiter to help take Ji Yi’s empty bowl away.

The waiter carried the tray, took out a towel and wiped down the table. Just as they were going to leave, Bo He asked, “Excuse me, can I please get three glasses of wine?”

As He Jichen was listening to Han Zhifan, he stopped shelling the pine nuts for a moment and also asked, “Can I get a glass of hot milk?”

“Sure. Sir, Miss, please wait,” said the waiter as he politely retreated.

Together, the three women were bound to chat away, so Ji Yi deliberately reminded Tang Huahua and Bo He to keep their voices down as He Jichen and Han Zhifan were discussing business.

Ji Yi was just as peckish as she was before the hot and spicy soup, so she grabbed another handful of pine nuts.

After eating the hot and spicy soup and quite a few pine nuts, Ji Yi’s mouth was dry, so she picked up the glass of wine. Just as she was about to drink it, He Jichen’s hand reached over and snatched her glass from her fingertips without warning.

Ji Yi was still in a state of shock when He Jichen gave her a cup of milk instead. With that, she heard the carefree voice of He Jichen whisper into her ear: “You just had quite a lot to drink. If you drink any more, your stomach’s going to hurt.”

He probably had something important to discuss with Han Zhifan since after he casually slipped her that line, he turned back to look at Han Zhifan.

With the cup of milk in her hand, Ji Yi stared at He Jichen for a moment, who was listening attentively to Han Zhifan. It wasn’t until Tang Huahua nudged her arm that she came back to her senses. She put her head down and continued to chat with Tang Huahua and Bo He.

In actuality, He Jichen never planned to deal with business tonight but something came up, which was why he had to discuss it with Han Zhifan for so long.

After their talk was over, Han Zhifan, who noticed Cheng Weiwan long ago, made an excuse to go to the restroom and leave.

He Jichen silently glanced over at the three women staring at something on one phone. He leaned against the sofa and rubbed his eyes which became swollen from staring at a computer for such a long time.

Without having to discuss business with Han Zhifan, it was a lot quieter. He Jichen was also able to clearly hear what the three women were talking about.

“From your experience, what were the most romantic words that touched your heart?” asked Tang Huahua.

Tang Huahua tilted her head and started off by saying, “For me, the most romantic words were, ‘take this credit card and spend it however you like!'”

“Gross… For me, the most romantic words were ‘you be responsible for looking beautiful, and I’ll be responsible for earning money to support the family!'” joked Bo He.

“Psh, how was that different from mine?” said Tang Huahua, annoyed. Then Tang Huahua said again, “Xiao Yi, what about you?”

“Me?” replied Ji Yi with a soft voice. “For me, the most romantic words were…” She thought about it for around three seconds before she continued by saying, “…you were never alone, you still have me.”

He Jichen suddenly stopped rubbing his eyes.

He said those words himself but while acting as He Yuguang.

Yet, she just said they were the most romantic words… Did she feel particularly moved because He Yuguang said it?

The three women in front of him didn’t notice anything off about him and continued to whisper.

“Poetic Yi…”

“Xiao Yi, alright fess up… who said those words to you?”

He Jichen instinctively looked up and glanced over at Ji Yi. When she heard what Tang Huahua said, a wave of shyness evidently crossed her face.

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