Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 307
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 307
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 307: Can We Go Back to How We Were Before? (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

That’s strange… He Jichen and Han Zhifan had already finished discussing business, so why was he was still standing there?

As Ji Yi was completely confused, two actresses from the production team walked over to where she was sitting with wine glasses in their hand.

Just as they were about to reach Chen Bai, he looked up from his phone and glanced over at the two. Then his eyes stopped on the wine glasses in their hands. “Excuse me, you girls are…”

Because Ji Yi was quite some distance away and Chen Bai wasn’t speaking loudly, she couldn’t clearly hear what he said. All she saw was his lips moving for two moments.

Then those two actresses came to a stop and replied.

One of the actresses had a naturally loud voice, so Ji Yi clearly heard her name from her mouth.

Though she didn’t know what they were discussing, Ji Yi knew the two actresses must’ve wanted to come to toast to her like the others earlier.

It wasn’t clear what Chen Bai said, but the expressions on the two actresses’ faces looked disappointed. They probably didn’t want to give up, so they continued to surround Chen Bai to talk for a while. He didn’t say anymore but shook his head non-stop with a look on his face that said there was no negotiating. Eventually, the two actresses gave up hope, turned around in embarrassment and left together.

After they were quite some distance away, Chen Bai relaxed again as he casually leaned over the table and played on his phone.

Every now and then, someone brushed past him but with his quick reflexes, he always looked up and glanced at them to determine whether they were there for Ji Yi. After ensuring there was no threat, he continued playing on his phone.

Ji Yi was unsure why, but she suddenly thought back to the moment she wanted to drink wine after finishing her hot and spicy soup. She remembered how after He Jichen stopped her from drinking it, he handed her a cup of warm milk and said: “You just had quite a lot to drink. If you drink any more, your stomach’s going to hurt.”

At the time, she thought he was just trying to take care of her. She never thought much about what he said, but now, seeing Chen Bai on guard, she came to a sudden realization.

He Jichen only said “You just had quite a lot to drink” because he saw her continually surrounded by people who wanted to drink to her. That was why he asked Chen Bai to call her over.

He didn’t really have anything to talk to her about, but he knew that with her personality, she would never decline anyone’s request to drink. That was why he asked Chen Bai to help her decline drinks by using him as a cover.

So, she wasn’t wrong in thinking Chen Bai looked like he was on guard. He Jichen left, but Chen Bai was still here. Surely he was on guard just to prevent her from having to drink?

He didn’t say anything to her all night, but he silently got her out of so much trouble.

Their relationship was obviously awful as hell; they never contacted one another and they were like water and fire. But how come he seemed like a completely different person ever since that night he asked her for a comforting hug?

He no longer looked at her with disgust and hate, nor did he speak to her in a bad temper or lousy tone of voice. What’s more, he wasn’t fuming with rage to see her dead…Even on set, she was pampered so lavishly, not to mention the birthday surprise tonight…

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