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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 311
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 311: “Within Your Radius” (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Tang Huahua barged in energetically, but when she saw He Jichen, she suddenly stopped what she was going to say. She hesitated for two seconds as though she realized that she had disturbed Ji Yi and He Jichen. She hurriedly walked over to Ji Yi and acted like a reserved lady as she greeted He Jichen. “…He Xuezhang, you’re here too?”

He Jichen gave Tang Huahua a gentle nod without the slightest hint of annoyance on his handsome face.

“Errr, if you two are busy, then I’ll head…” Tang Huahua pointed back into the room. Before she could finish saying “in first,” Ji Yi said, “What’s up?”

“Nothing, just wanted you to come sing with us,” said Tang Huahua.

Ji Yi turned to look at He Jichen. “Then, she and I will head in first.”

He Jichen nodded slightly and let out a soft “Mhm.”

Ji Yi didn’t stay there for long as she walked over to Tang Huahua’s side. When she was about ready to pull Tang Huahua’s arm and walk back into the room, Tang Huahua looked over at He Jichen and said, “He Xuezheng, everybody’s singing. Do you want to come sing a song?”

Having known He Jichen for so many years now, Ji Yi had never seen him sing once. Even during the years when they were on their best terms, they went to KTV countless times, and no matter how kindly people invited him to sing, he always had the same uninterested look on his face.

So after Ji Yi heard Tang Huahua’s enthusiastic invitation, the first thought in her mind was how He Jichen would definitely put on the same uninterested expression.

But she never imagined that He Jichen would actually slap her in the face with an: “Alright.”

Alright… He Jichen’s actually going to sing? Ji Yi was completely astonished as she stared at He Jichen.

Tang Huahua wasn’t the least bit surprised but was immediately delighted when she heard He Jichen accept. “Then, He Xuezhang, come in with us.”

He Jichen didn’t make a sound as he straightened up and walked into the room.

“Let’s go.” Ji Yi didn’t yet snap back to her senses from the shock until Tang Huahua dragged Ji Yi’s arm and spoke again. She quickly composed herself and followed Tang Huahua into the room.

Bo He was in front of the song selection counter when she saw Tang Huahua dragging Ji Yi over. From a quite a far distance away, she screeched, “What would you all like to sing?”

Rather than singing with Ji Yi, Tang Huahua seemed even more interested in hearing what He Jichen wanted to sing. “He Xuezhang also wants to sing. Let him go first!”

With that, Tang Huahua turned her head and looked over at He Jichen. “He Xuezhang, what do you want to sing? I’ll help you select the song.”

“Thank you, I can do it,” replied He Jichen politely to Tang Huahua. Then he walked over to the song selection counter…

Bo He hurriedly made way.

He Jichen didn’t sit where Bo He just sat but instead, he bent over and tapped the song selection screen a few times.

The big screen instantly turned dark. He Jichen grabbed the microphone and walked over to the center. When he stood firmly in place, the screen lit up and a pleasant melody started to play.

About ten seconds later, the song name popped up: “Within Your Radius.”

Then He Jichen raised the microphone to his mouth and as the song title faded away, lyrics appeared at the bottom of the screen. He Jichen’s singing voice traveled around each corner of the room.

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