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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 312
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 312: “Within Your Radius” (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Within Your Radius.” Ji Yi heard this song before; the emotions in this song were as deep as the ocean.

He Jichen had a beautiful voice, but his tone sounded rather cold. Before he sang, Ji Yi had doubts about whether he could deliver the emotions of the song.

But when he really started to sing, Ji Yi realized that her doubts were simply a joke.

He didn’t just nail the intonation – he even captured the meticulous emotions just as well as the original singer.

Ji Yi wasn’t the only one whose attention was on He Jichen. One after the other, everyone in the room was also drawn to him.

Besides the sweet sound of his singing, the room was silent; nothing else was heard.

He Jichen lowered his eyes and didn’t even look at the people in front of him. All he did was focus fully on singing his song.

After the first half of the song was finished, the tempo in the middle of the song was a little long. He changed positions slightly and waited for a while before he raised the microphone to his mouth again. “It feels stifling, there’s no meaning in forcing it. I’m not considered selfish, and I’m learning ever more that loving you is my business…”

As the words “loving you is my business” slipped between his teeth, He Jichen suddenly thought back to that night when Han Zhifan called him. He remembered how devastated and guilt-ridden he was and how he slapped himself hard on the face twice because he blamed himself.

That was when he learned that loving her was just his one-sided story.

“Rather than be in a world where you don’t want me, why not forget you completely, everybody knows this principle, it’s easy to say it~ to be stubborn even loving you through and through.”

Four years ago, he wanted to confess to her after graduation, but before he could even make a move, he found out he wasn’t the person she wanted.

He was jealous, angry, and felt hard done by. He arrogantly thought that if the person she loved wasn’t him then why not just have it over and done with? He wanted to make a clean break between the two of them. That way, he’d be hurt, and so would she.

He thought that considering how they parted on such bad terms, their story was over. However, after she left Sucheng, he started to think about her every night and day, and he was drunk for a whole month. That was when he understood the whole picture. He thought their story was over, but in actuality, it was just an unfinished ending yet to be continued.

He couldn’t let it be over so quickly, but he would never openly admit that he regretted it.

“I would rather stay within your radius, at least to be able to feel your sadness and happiness, when you need me, I can be there for you.”

“You don’t want me in your world, Why don’t I just find someone to replace you, It’s a shame that I don’t listen to those who persuade me otherwise”

Later on, he entered a prestigious school.

As usual, he was the main attraction of that school, but now he didn’t have Ji Yi by his side who he used to try so hard to pamper.

“Laoda” still existed in university, but she wasn’t there, nor was his youthful hot-blooded nature, nor the kind of setting where people called him “Chen Ge.” He didn’t want that anymore.

At first, he clearly became a “Laoda” for He Yuguang, but in the end, he realized that there was no reason for “Laoda” to exist. All he wanted to do was spoil her to infinity.

Without her, he was in no mood to smile at women. It wasn’t until then that he realized just how he missed those days by her side, or at the very least, those days when he was able to feel her sadness and happiness.

At the time, he felt really regretful but he’d never admit it. Even though he secretly ran over to Beijing to see her once a month.

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