Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 314
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 314
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 314: “Within Your Radius” (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen’s eyes dragged Ji Yi into an ocean of tranquility as she couldn’t hear any of the lively cheers and clapping from around them. In that very moment, she forgot where she was and what actually happened just now. All she did was stare, transfixed by He Jichen’s eyes. The world around her was completely empty aside from the two of them.

His eyes were like a vast ocean of stars which hid the deep clarity and brightness of his perfection. They glowed a faint yet penetrating glow as though there was a mystical power calling for her to plunge in. She had no control and no way to resist it as she fell deeper and deeper until she entered his world within.

In that same instant, her breathing and heartbeat both disappeared – even the blood coursing through her entire body stopped.

She vividly felt her chest stifled from holding her breath for too long, but she just couldn’t breathe.

In a haze, she vaguely felt someone talking to her beside her ear, but she simply couldn’t hear anything.

In that very moment, the only thing left to do in her life aside from staring at him was still to keep staring at him.

Just when Ji Yi thought she would faint from holding her breath for so long, someone pulled hard on her arm, violently shaking her unflinchingly dazed body.

Her eyes broke from his gaze and looked over at the big screen, which showed the MVP winner’s screen. As the picture entered her eyes, she slowly realized that the person she heard screaming excitedly was Tang Huahua. “Xiao Yi! So hot, He Xuezhang is so, sooo cool! He’s so cool I’m gonna die!!”

As Tang Huahua said this, she hugged and laid her head on Ji Yi’s shoulder like a little cat, rubbing against her cutely and crying “waaa-waaa-waaa.”

Ji Yi’s whole body shivered as she completely came to her senses.

Then she realized just how long she and He Jichen had been staring at each other for…

Her gaze instinctively drifted over to He Jichen’s face. His enigmatic yet impossible to read eyes were still staring right at her.

It was just one shared look, but Ji Yi felt like her own soul was being sucked away. She was so frightened that she quickly turned her head to avoid He Jichen’s eyes. But even so, she could still feel him staring at her and under his gaze, she clearly felt the warm blood rush up from the soles of her feet. For some reason, she felt flustered and helpless. Under the urgent circumstances, she pushed away Tang Huahua, who was glued to her body, then turned to run out. Without turning back, she headed for the direction of the restroom and ran.

Rushing into the restroom, she opened the cubicle door completely disregarding the people in front of her, but before she could say “sorry,” she jumped in first and slammed the door with a “bang!” She leaned against the cold wall of the toilet stall as she patted her chest and started taking big breaths.

But no matter how hard she tried to breathe, she was still breathing too hard and fast. It still felt like she was lacking air.

She was having such a hard time that she continued to circle the toilet. After sitting on the toilet for some time, she stood on it for a bit. She was in so much anguish that she stuck her face to the wall for some time. She went crazy and seemed frantic like that for a long while before her breathing finally calmed down. However, the rhythm of her heartbeat was still as chaotic.

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Paperplane Paperplane

Hello readddeeers! Hope everyone is well! I started writing an original romantic web novel yesterday called “Love Sold Separately”, sooo I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in giving it a shot? ^^

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