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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 32
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 32: Let Her Leave (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Mm, that’s right!” Tang Huahua then took over from Bo He, “Xiaoyang said the guy was handsome and drove an Audi. He Xuezhang’s car is an Audi. Bo He and I have even been in it twice now, so we suspect Lin Ya must’ve moved in with He Xuezhang.”

“It’s not just a suspicion—we’re sure of it.” Compared to Tang Huahua, Bo He’s tone of voice sounded calmer and more assured by far. “I remember when we went to that outdoor party, someone from He Xuezhang’s dorm mentioned that he occasionally stayed in the dorms, but he has his own apartment. They say it’s a mansion. What’s more, it’s worth ten million and completely paid off. He Xuezhang really isn’t just your average rich person…”

Of course, He Jichen was no average rich person—he had the listed company, He Enterprises, behind him. Not to mention, he had a mansion in the heart of Beijing worth ten million. He was even able to afford a villa worth billions in the rich neighbourhood up on the north side of Beijing.

Since four years ago, anything regarding He Jichen long had nothing to do with me…

Ji Yi’s facial expression didn’t change much as she grabbed a change of clothes and walked into the bathroom.

As they say, don’t believe what people tell you until you see it for yourself.

More or less, women liked to gossip; Ji Yi was just having a half-hearted conversation with Bo He and Tang Huahua—who said there was any truth to the rumors? The next day, when she went to her afternoon fitness class, she made a detour into the school supermarket and bought a bottle of water. On her way out, she saw Lin Ya and He Jichen together, and that was when she realized that what she, Bo He and Tang Huahua gossiped about was all true.

The two of them stood facing each other, talking about something.

He Jichen lowered his head and played around with his car keys. He leaned against his car which flashed in the sunlight every now and then.

It was just as Tang Huahua and Bo He described; he really did have an Audi.

At that thought, Ji Yi drew her gaze back from He Jichen and Lin Ya. As she did so, He Jichen, who had his head lowered from the start, coincidentally looked up in the direction where she was standing.

The sun was bright, so Ji Yi wasn’t sure if she was seeing things but she thought she saw He Jichen slightly stunned. Then, he abruptly straightened up like he was ready to rush over towards her.

Ji Yi instinctively raised her legs and bolted in the direction of the sports track.

After putting a good fifty meters between He Jichen and herself, she turned her head back to see that He Jichen and Lin Ya were rooted at the same spot. She couldn’t help but secretly laugh to herself. As she figured, her eyes were just playing with her; why would He Jichen come rushing over to her? Yet his Audi looked a little familiar as though she’d seen it somewhere before…

Recently, He Jichen hadn’t felt great, especially today. As he drove away from school, he realized he left his lighter in the dorms, so he stopped by the supermarket near the school to get a new one. As he got out the car, he was stopped by Lin Ya, who he hadn’t seen for a while.

Lin Ya stood in front of him rambling on about a bunch of things, but he wasn’t really listening so he didn’t say a thing.

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