Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 320
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 320
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 320: “Within Your Radius” (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cheng Weiwan didn’t say anything as her footsteps hastened.

“You can’t get a taxi here. If you trust me, get on. If you don’t, then I’ll get off and piggyback you back to your hotel…” As Han Zhifan said this, he drove the bike in front of her to block her way.

Cheng Weiwan turned around, but Han Zhifan reached his hand out, grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to him. He lowered his head slightly and whispered into her ear, “Or who’s to say – maybe you really want me to piggyback you back home?”

“You!” Cheng Weiwan’s face flushed.

Han Zhifan showed a dazzling smile. “Three, two…”

Before he said “one,” Han Zhifan already started to dismount.

With Han Zhifan pestering her all night long, Cheng Weiwan knew he would do just as he said. She was a little afraid he’d really force her to be piggybacked all the way back to the hotel, so she quickly said, “Thank you.”

When he heard this, Han Zhifan knew Cheng Weiwan agreed, so his lips curved into a smile. “Although I’m a little disappointed that I can’t piggyback you back to the hotel, to be able to cycle you back also makes me happy.”

Cheng Weiwan didn’t bother responding to Han Zhifan.

Yet Han Zhifan didn’t mind at all as he made a hand gesture to welcome her to take a seat at the back of the bike. “Please get on the bike, girl I like.”

Cheng Weiwan turned her head away and got on his bike without looking at Han Zhifan.

For the entire journey, Han Zhifan tried to find a topic to talk about with Cheng Weiwan. Although Cheng Weiwan rarely replied, he still happily talked to himself.

“Why did you choose to write?”

“Are all you girls who write books so classy?”

“How did you think of so many stories?”

“Will you consider writing about me in your story?”


When they reached the hotel entrance, Han Zhifan planted his feet onto the ground, forcing the bicycle to come to a stop.

Cheng Weiwan said practically nothing from the moment she got on the bike, but when she dismounted, she still managed to quietly say, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Han Zhifan turned his head and flashed Cheng Weiwan another radiant smile.

Cheng Weiwan looked away and said “goodbye.” She turned and headed into the hotel.

She hadn’t taken two steps before Han Zhifan caught up with her. However, she didn’t stop walking. As she walked quickly forwards, Han Zhifan faced her, walking backward one step at a time while saying, “Seeing as how I took you back, can you give me your number?”

“Sorry. I’m not used to strangers having my number,” politely rejected Cheng Weiwan.

“Don’t worry. Then let’s try this a different way. Seeing as how I took you back, can I save my number in your phone?” As Han Zhifan said this, he pulled out his phone and made a call.

After about thirty seconds later, Cheng Weiwan’s phone went off. Over a dozen unfamiliar numbers popped onto the screen.

“This is my phone number. I’m Han Zhifan. Han is my surname, and my name is Zhifan. I’m from Mituzhifan.”

Han Zhifan introduced himself as he glanced over at Cheng Weiwan. When he caught the astonishment in her eyes, he knew she was confused as to how he got her number, so he said, “If I don’t put some effort into the girl I fell in love with at first sight, how could I call it ‘love at first sight’?”

Having her thoughts read like that, Cheng Weiwan walked around Han Zhifan and entered the elevator.

Han Zhifan didn’t stop her. It wasn’t until she got into the elevator and went up that the expression on his face turned cold and a tinge of hatred and ruthlessness boiled in the depths of his eyes.

After her birthday, Ji Yi’s life on set was evidently a lot calmer.

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