Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 325
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 325
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 325: Who is Cola Girl? (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“The pampered consort?” Fatty looked like he heard a funny word and said: “In your dreams! The secret nickname we gave you was…”

Fatty was overjoyed before he said anything. With a pause, he cried, “…The great demon!”

Ji Yi thought it would be something like “the desolating beauty” or “the extraordinary maiden,” but when she heard what Fatty said, she was stunned for three seconds. She furrowed her brows and repeated those three words for confirmation: “The great demon?”

“That’s right. Back then, you were a nightmare for our gang. When you went to the canteen, Chen Ge would get angry if the line was over five minutes long. When you went to pick up delivery from the school gates, Chen Ge would get angry if you were outside for more than five minutes. When you accidentally slipped on some water after the classroom floors were mopped, Chen Ge got angry. Even when you walked past the school garden and your skirt got a little wet from the automatic sprinklers, Chen Ge would randomly lecture us. It that wasn’t enough, if you didn’t get a good score on your test or when you were in a bad mood because you were on your period, Chen Ge would get angry at us over those unavoidable natural disasters…” Though it happened so many years ago, Fatty couldn’t help but pick up his glass with a stifled heart at the thought of those arduous years. “…So you tell me – if you aren’t the great demon, what are you?” he asked as he downed a few gulps.

Having heard all of Fatty’s resentment, Ji Yi couldn’t help but purse her lips for a moment.

But before she could form a complete smile, Fatty spoke again, “You were no normal great demon; you were the type people were afraid of when they saw you. The feared great demon!”

Was I that scary? People were afraid when they saw me?

Deep down, Ji Yi let out a “hmph!”

She thought Fatty was done, but then Fatty unexpectedly took a big, hard gulp and added, “What’s more, the thought of you, the great demon, would make us break out in cold sweats in our dreams. You were basically the great dark demon!”

When they were young, they actually said that about her in private!

Not fair!

Ji Yi wasn’t actually angry, but she felt a little girl’s strong will climb into her heart. She furiously turned her head and happened to catch a glimpse of many street food stalls out the window. There were quite a few people lining up around them.

Back in the day, when she and He Jichen’s relationship was at its best, they practically hung out with Fatty and the gang every day.

Besides He Jichen, no one else dared to mess with her, but every now and then, if someone annoyed her, she would think of a way to torment them back.

She was annoyed with how Fatty just described her – the great demon…

With that thought, Ji Yi turned to look at Fatty. “Didn’t you say that people were afraid of me when they saw me; I was the great demon who made people break out in cold sweats in their dreams? Which means you don’t dare mess with me. If that’s true…”

Ji Yi raised her hand and pointed at the longest queue in the snack area. “…then go buy some snacks for me, the great demon!”

As Fatty’s drink was about to touch his lips, his fingers shook violently when he heard what Ji Yi said, causing him to almost drop his glass. “No way… It’s so hot out! You want me to line up in such a long queue to buy you something?”

Just as she did back when she was young, Ji Yi silently turned her head and looked over at He Jichen and left the rest to him.

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