Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 329
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 329
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 329: Who is Cola Girl? (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“So he thought of a plan to intentionally disappoint the He family…”

“Everyone thought Chen Ge was distant and condescending, but only people who truly understood him knew just how soft-hearted he was.”

“He cared so much for his older brother that he foolishly ruined his exceptional image…”

After Fatty said this, he stopped for a moment, drank a small gulp of wine, and turned to look at Ji Yi. All of a sudden, he asked, “Do you know how old Chen Ge was at the time?”

Ji Yi gently shook her head.

“At the time, Chen Ge was eleven years old. He was still an immature kid, but he already knew that a person he cared about was silently suffering on his own.”

“At the time, the He family didn’t know the truth and lectured him every day. Even He Yuguang tried to persuade him, but He Jichen refused to explain himself because he simply hoped that the He family would prioritize his older brother a more and more until he, himself, was left in the dust.

“You might think that Chen Ge only treated him like this because He Yuguang was his older brother, but that wasn’t it. Chen Ge treated us brothers really well too. At first, when Chestnut’s father had cancer, Chen Ge gave him all his pocket money. At the time, the He family disliked how he did nothing every day, so they didn’t give him any money. He Jichen went behind our backs and got a job. Also, when there was a fund going around for a girl in our school with leukemia, wasn’t there an anonymous hero who donated a five-figure sum? That person was Chen Ge…”

Fatty spoke casually, but Ji Yi was listening in complete astonishment.

In her eyes, He Jichen domineering, unreasonable, arrogant, condescending… Once, she loathed him so much and thought of him as the world’s most unforgivable person.

She never imagined that she would ever hear a completely different side to He Jichen from Fatty’s mouth.

His hot-bloodedness, his sincerity, and his capacity to give up everything to look after the people he cared for… He also cared for people he had no personal relationship with and he was willing to lend a helping hand…

Her relationship with He Jichen was once really good… But the He Jichen Fatty described wasn’t the same He Jichen she knew.

So all this time, I never truly got to know the real him?

As Ji Yi reflected on that, Fatty downed a glass of wine and grabbed the wine opener to open a new bottle while he said, “Ji Yi. Actually… what I said just now was nothing. Chen Ge also had an even more important person in his life.”

An even more important person?

Ji Yi stopped the thought running through her mind and looked over at Fatty with evident interest.

“How do I tell you… everyone has a weak spot and a strong source of “armor” in their lives, but they’re usually not the same person. However, one person was Chen Ge’s weak spot as well as his armor.”

“I don’t know how to describe just how important that person was to Chen Ge; I can only say that she was the only person I’ve ever seen whose smile could make Chen Ge happy for days, whose purse of their lips could frustrate Chen Ge for days.”

“Saying that… I remember something interesting. Before Chen Ge met that really important person, he even gave her a funny name…” Reminiscing back to their younger years, Fatty’s voice sounded rather tender as he said: “…Cola girl.”

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