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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 330
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 330: Who is Cola Girl? (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cola girl?

After those two words entered Ji Yi’s ears, her first thought was to laugh, but then she thought those words sounded familiar, like she’d heard them somewhere before.

“Back then, Chen Ge turned Sucheng Yizhong upside down, searching for Cola girl…”

When Ji Yi heard this, she realized why she thought “Cola girl” sounded so familiar.

No matter if she was at her granny’s house, or at the He family’s home, or at school, she heard He Jichen’s name practically every day, long before she met him.

There was just so much gossip about him amongst the girls that he was practically as popular as a celebrity.

Naturally, most of the gossip was about his love life.

One day, everyone was discussing what girl gave him a love letter. The next, everyone would be talking about what girl he was with at the school gates. The day after that, everyone would be discussing what girl he was playing games with at the internet cafe…

But the most sensational piece of gossip about him was, “Searching for Cola girl.”

That incident caused so much commotion throughout the entire school. Practically every corner of the school was plastered with leaflets saying “Searching for Cola girl.” Even the walls of the girl’s toilets were covered in them. The after school broadcast would repeatedly play an announcement for “Searching for Cola girl.” Even the school forums were covered with threads about “Searching for Cola girl.”

At the time, no matter if it was a guy or girl, or the old man at the gates, or the lady at the canteen, everyone was curious to find out who “Cola Girl” was.

Even after being warned by granny that she had to keep her distance from He Jichen, she still secretly speculated about who “Cola girl” could be with her desk mate.

It was a shame that the situation got so big that it eventually alarmed the principal, who punished He Jichen and his gang to clean the toilets. Just like that, the whole “Searching for Cola girl” fiasco ended with no result. It wasn’t until she graduated when “Who is Cola girl” became the Sucheng Yizhong’s top ten unsolved mysteries.

When she and He Jichen got really close, the “Searching for Cola girl” fiasco was long over; it was at least two years old. At the time, she forgot just how big of a deal it was, until Fatty abruptly mentioned it today. That was when she suddenly started reminiscing about the past…

This unsolved mystery of so many years made Ji Yi incredibly curious. As she thought back to all the events surrounding “Cola girl,” she couldn’t help but nosily ask, “I remember now. Cola girl, the person you called Chen Sao – so was she He Jichen’s first love?”

“Yeah…” Fatty nodded without hesitation. “…She’s the only woman Chen Ge has ever fallen for.”

Romantic stories would always be the most captivating topic of conversation for women.

Deep down inside, Ji Yi grew increasingly curious after learning that He Jichen had this other, loving side to him. Then she asked a series of questions in one breath, “That incident, wasn’t it unsettled back then? What happened after? Did He Jichen find Cola girl? In the end, who was Cola girl?”

“Till this day, you don’t know who Cola Girl was?” exclaimed Fatty in shock.

Ji Yi was stunned by how Fatty was making a fuss over nothing. “Nobody told me, so how would I know…”

“Are you stupid!” Fatty didn’t wait for Ji Yi to finish talking and said, “Such a simple answer, yet you still need someone to tell you? Cola girl is…”

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