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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 336
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 336: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

For the most part, Fatty brought up a lot about their past over dinner that night, so Ji Yi’s thoughts still hadn’t completely returned from those memories. After she heard He Jichen’s response, she couldn’t help but say, “Back then, so many girls secretly took photos of you in school, and there were so many girls who used your photo as their screensaver!”

In actuality, He Jichen had absolutely no interest in how girls treated him, but since those words came from her mouth, he didn’t mind discussing whatever topic with her as long as he could talk to her. This was why he turned to look at her and pretended to look shocked. “Really?” he replied.

Ji Yi thought He Jichen would be really happy as she gave him an earnest nod. “Of course.”

She was afraid he wouldn’t believe her, so she gave an example. “The classmate who shared my table – Xiao Li – you’ve met her before but I’m not sure if you remember her. Anyways, you were her screensaver on her phone. You were even the background to her QQ chat screen.”

He had forgotten just how many years it’d been since they spoke calmly like this together. For some reason, He Jichen was in a great mood as his voice became relaxed. “Something like that happened?”

“Yeah, at the time, you were every girl’s dream guy…” Ji Yi paused for a moment then said, “…Back then, the girls would get together and talk mostly about you. Everyone was curious to know what kind of girl you liked…”

As Ji Yi said this, she suddenly remembered what Fatty said about that “Cola girl.”

She originally wanted to wait for Fatty to get back to ask who “Cola girl” was, but she ended up overhearing He Jichen and Fatty’s conversation and got distracted. She ended up completely pushing the matter to the back of her mind…

At that thought, Ji Yi turned and glanced over at He Jichen.

For some reason, the man looked as though he was in a great mood; his brows were relaxed and he had a slight smile on his mouth. His usual distant feeling seemed a lot more approachable.

With He Jichen like this, Ji Yi felt a lot braver; she couldn’t help but ask the question that had always been on her mind. “Tonight, Fatty and I were talking and happened to mention that Cola girl. He said she was the girl you liked?” asked Ji Yi bravely.

He Jichen never imagined that she would suddenly ask about his private life. After a pause, he gently nodded and responded with an “Mhm.”

Seeing as he didn’t reject her question, Ji Yi got even braver and figured she’d open up the conversation. “So did you eventually find her?”

“Yeah.” After He Jichen answered, he silently added in his mind: And she happens to be by my side right now.

“Who is she? Did you get to know her?” blurted Ji Yi.

He Jichen kept silent for some time then answered the second question. “You know her.”

I know her? Then who is she? I never saw He Jichen get close to any girl. Could it be that we weren’t really close when he and Cola girl ended it?

With that thought, Ji Yi glanced over at He Jichen again and noticed a gloomy look in his eyes.

He became that sad simply at the mention of Cola girl, so my guess was probably right… Also, he didn’t tell me who Cola girl was. Was that because he didn’t want to bring up the name that made him feel so heart-broken?

Nevertheless, what kind of girl did a near-perfect man like He Jichen fall for?

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