Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 337
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 337
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 337: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

If this was before, Ji Yi would definitely treat He Jichen differently. She didn’t even notice it herself, but she actually took an interest in the girl He Jichen liked. Deep down inside, she didn’t think too much of it and she asked, “She must be very special for you to like her, right?”

“Mhm, she’s very pretty…” A second ago, He Jichen looked desolate, but when he opened his mouth and talked about the girl he liked, his face became a little warmer. “… her back looks beautiful. She’s most charming when has her long hair down. She’s very smart, and has a wit deep in her bones that very few girls have…”

As he said that last part, there was a subtle hint of a smile in his eyes as though he was sharing something he was proud of. His voice had a loving feel to it that even he didn’t notice. “When she smiles, her face has two little dimples… Mm, she’s a good dancer… her body is so flexible like she has no bones…”

Ji Yi stared at how gentle He Jichen looked, deep in thought and slightly dazed.

She never knew he actually had such a tender and soft side. He was so similar to the leading male characters from the manhua 1 she secretly read in class when she was younger…

She wasn’t sure if something was wrong with her or if it was her growing interest in Cola girl, but her chest started to heave unusually and she wasn’t feeling too good. However, it was subtle, so she quickly continued the conversation to mask it. “Hearing you talk about her like this – she must be really special and exceptional. In other people’s eyes, she must be the type of girl to make others jealous, right?”

A warm glow engulfed He Jichen’s body; it was evident he didn’t want to stop talking about her. “I don’t care if she’s good or not in other people’s eyes. In my eyes, she’s unique – the best in the world.”

Those kinds of words were sappy but moving. If they came from the mouths of other men, they would look like a bunch of smooth-talkers.

But coming from He Jichen, all Ji Yi sensed were deep emotions and seriousness.

Deep down inside, Ji Yi tried to repress the uncomfortable feeling she just had. She thought maybe she’d been deeply moved by He Jichen’s feelings. After she gulped, swallowing the uncomfortable feeling in her chest, she casually said, “Looks like you really like her…”

His slow steps towards Ji Yi came to a sudden stop.

Ji Yi instinctively stopped too and stared at He Jichen in astonishment.

She wasn’t sure when, but he had turned to look at her. His eyes were unusually bright as though the surrounding light around them gathered in his eyes.

His gaze met hers, locking onto each other tightly. He sounded a lot more resolute than the gentle person just moments ago. “Really like… like her so much that if I stare at her too long, I want to embrace her.”

Ji Yi was stunned as she stared back into He Jichen’s eyes. She was slow to react.

It was unclear just how long she was in a daze for, but a night’s breeze blew in a chill that made Ji Yi shiver, making her snap back to her senses.

She realized she was still staring blankly at He Jichen. With a flustered heart, she hurriedly withdrew her gaze and stared at the road ahead and silently strode away.

After about ten seconds, Ji Yi heard the sound of He Jichen from behind. She knew he caught up to her, and it made her heart race uncontrollably faster.

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